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Penguin Wrangler

The person in this job is in charge of anything to do with the volunteers, fondly referred to as Penguins.

Before the Convention:

  • Will answer emails from potential penguins either new or returning.
  • Will gather volunteer needs from con-com and staff members and compile a schedule
  • Must plan for the printing of the Whuffie(Our Volunteer Currency)
  • Will compile Prizes for “Pro Penguins” (usually 3)
  • Will set up and print Sign Up Sheets- to be carried around by each volunteer.
  • Will Attend Con-Com Meetings
  • Will Manage a data base of Volunteer Names and send mass emails as needed.
  • Possibly will sign up volunteers for coveted hours (i.e. double hours of Thursday and Monday)
  • Will compile a list of rewards that the Penguins may purchase with their Whuffie

Traditionally this list includes:

                Access to the Penguin Pit 
                Current Year T-Shirts
                Reimbursement of  Current Years Badge 
                Membership to Next Years Convention

At the Convention:

  • Will sign up penguins for previously requested time slots.
  • Will distribute Whuffie
  • Will be available to answer questions from penguins and staff.
  • Will keep tabs on possible winners for the “Pro Penguins”
  • If necessary, will beg and plead with con-goers to fill volunteer slots.

After the Convetion:

  • Will answer questions of penguins after the con through email.
  • Will send any outstanding reimbursement needs to the treasurer.
  • Will attend the wrap up meeting and leave notes for future years.
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