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Team Awesome!

This is the super secret networking team assembled by Jer in an effort to conquer the painful and frustrating lack of network and Internet at an otherwise “tech” convention. The team goes by code names so they are not constantly subjected to the adoration of fans and the requests of fools.


In 1933, Team Awesome! was first formulated to solve the problem of lossy communications in the cotton strings used to connect multiple cans. It was then determined that nylon strings were more effective, but that didn't solve the distance issue. Team Awesome! then invented 802.11a. It did not really take off right away. Lack of computers did them in.

In 1970, Team Awesome! invented the laptop.

In 2009, Team Awesome! brings useful and functional Internet to Penguicon.

The Team

  • Big Dick Mcgee
  • Wild Irish Ralph
  • Heywood Giablome
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