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Storage Facility

Simply Self Storage
28650 Grand River
Farmington Hills

The location is on Grand River Ave, just north of Eight Mile Road, right next to the Public Storage we used to use.

Property Manager: Lisa Dueweke

It's a drive-in storage building with only one floor.


If renting a <a href=“”>POD</a> (Portable On-Demand) ever becomes cost-effective, it would be a fantastic solution that would almost completely eliminate the need for an InventoryWrangler. This is a portable crate the size of a walk-in freezer, built like a railroad boxcar. It would be loaded at the hotel at the end of the convention, driven away by the service, and returned straight to the hotel the next year. During the year it is stacked for storage with other crates, and there is a fee to forklift it down for access.



The following lists only the supplies to be taken to the Penguicamp Code Sprint on March 1-2 2014. We'll definitely not take all of it. We did not inventory the entire cube this time. For instance, there was an entire cart full of LN2 ice cream equipment and supplies which we did not inventory. Also, Penguicon owns supplies in a box for parties, which is not stored in the cube.

Food Preparation
  • 2 microwaves
  • 4 coffee machines
  • Hot dog roaster
  • 2 Bunn industrial coffee makers
  • Crock pot
  • 2 plastic silverware trays
  • Lots of serving bowls and serving utensils.
Food Items
  • 1,200 Splenda
  • 1,550 Sweet & Low
  • 100 Equal
  • 1 case hot chocolate packets
  • 500 ketchup packets
  • 150 sugar packets
  • 1,000 coffee creamer packets
  • 1 box assorted spices
Food Service Disposables
  • 750 beer cups
  • ~400 styrofoam cups
  • 150 10oz styrofoam cups (for LN2 ice cream)
  • 500 paper trays
  • 3,000 napkins
  • 500 hot dog holders
  • Enough spoons, knives, forks; so many of them. Please don't buy more.
  • assorted tasting cups
  • 2 huge rolls of cling film wrap
  • a roll of plastic sheeting
Not for food:
  • 5 dry-erase boards
  • 5 easels
  • tub of office supplies for registration
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