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If the Convention Committee runs the convention, staffers are the muscles that move it along. Penguicon makes a distinction between Concom, Staff Members, Volunteers (Penguins), and Panelists (Program Participants). For this year, Staff will be considered those individuals who are responsible for doing work and making decisions for a single part of the convention and handling minor budgetary amounts. Typically staffers put in some amount of work before the con in addition to work during the convention. To compensate for this, staff pays a $25 rate. Only staff can check ID for con-run stuff. Presenters are responsible for checking IDs at their own panels before service.



by Cylithria Dubois

  • Beer Titan Cylithria Dubois - "Lithie": ConSuite Beer Meister - 24 Hour On Call, Checks Ice Levels, Taps, Kegs, Jockey Boxes Regs, Fittings, Fixtures and Proceedures. Trains Beer Troll Staff. Handles issues regarding beer during the convention. (Part time Shasta Misstress too!)



Head of Operations, Miranda Webster:


by Janet Gocay -


by Amanda Robinson

  • insert registration helpers here


by Scott Kennedy

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