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Q. What's a Penguin Dinner Party?

A brand new name for our old Smos dinners… soooo…

Q. What's a SMOS dinner?


The SMOS dinner is a casual get-together full of chatting, eating, and gaming, for convention organizers and their friends, and even complete strangers who are friendly to the whole idea. All fans, hackers, and their friends are welcome, regardless of whether you're helping with Penguicon.

It takes place approximately every two weeks in different homes, and Penguicon springs for a portion of the dinner. There's no agenda, but a common topic of conversation is usually all the cool stuff Penguicon is going to feature this year, and the possibilities for more!

The SMOS name is based on an acronym SMOF from convention fandom, which stands for Secret Masters Of Fandom. In the software naming tradition of GNU (GNU's Not Unix), WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator), and LAME (LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder), the name SMOS is recursive, humorous, and untrue. Have no fear: Secret Masters Of SMOS is neither secret nor masters.

Next SMOS Dinner

none planned for this month.


  • add to SMOS page
  • plan for 2 SMOS dinners per month
  • add more items to the TO DO Section
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