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Rocky Horror Resurrection (RHR) presents for 'unconventional conventionists' a truly 'time-warped' experience.

'The future is ours so let's plan it!' Tim Downing aka Dr. R. Frank N' Furter

General RHR Track descriptions:

The primary goal I'm aiming for, is to provide to the Michigan Fan community a focus point for their most 'favorite obsession' thru the creation and implementation of a truly awesome RHR “Annual Translyvanian Convention” party.

Dancing, DJ/music, Movies, Cos Play. As part of this - the 1975 movie Rocky Horror Picture Show, will be shown.

The secondary goal I'm aiming for, is to provide all convention fans an educational opportunity to learn anew movie history of this most famous 'alien' invasion movie. Thru the classes (ie panels and workshops) of RHR Denton University, RHPS virgins can earn credits towards their full RHR Graduation into the ranks of honored RHPS fans.

(Definition: RHPS Virgin - any person who has not seen nor experienced a theater screened movie with it's audience participation)

Supporting both the RHR party and Denton University, will be further educational opportunities to study and review various RHPS versions and even a supposed sequel , seldom seen by most people.

Resurrecting a sense of the original release flavor and fun.

Current Planning 3/4/13:

3 Classes (ie panels) and 1 related workshop Multiple showings on multiple days Cos Play (ie. playing around in costume to you earthlings) Party - with music, dance and DJ Dealers table - to provide fans, appropriate apparel and props.

NEWLY ADDED 3/28/13: late night “RHR Movie Mayhem”

General Notes:

Suggestions, ideas, sponsors, donations and dedicated volunteers are all more than welcome. Contact me directly and join the fun.

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