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-You may now purchase ribbons ​for Penguicon ​online ​by visiting the following site:​conribbons/​ribbons.php+Ribbons ​for 2014 are being added to online ​registration You should be able to order and pay for them in combination with your membership!
-The site is also linked on the Penguicon website under the “Attending” heading. Once you order and pay for ribbons, you will be able to pick them up from Ops during the convention.+Here is the general ribbon ordering info for posterity:
-Please e-mail if you have any questions.+We have used Larsen'​s Award Ribbons for many years You can check their website for the current colors. In past we have only offered the standard colors as options to minimize confusion. ​ We use the F-116 and all the info is on the following page
-RibbonWrangler for Penguicon 2012 is [[people:mishastone|Misha Stone]].+​larsensawardribbons/​Flat_Ribbons.html
-At conventions you will see chains of adhesive ribbons stuck to the membership badges. Most ribbons are comical or just for fun. Sometimes they'​re informative. Sometimes they'​re seriousas in the case of ribbons that identify convention staff. Badge ribbons are great conversation starters and fun to hand out to people+Pricing has not changed in yearsbut I always call to make sure.
-======2012 Ribbon Order (Change As Needed Each Year)======+Larsen'​s needs the order form in a spreadsheet with the following headings: 
 +Individual Ordering 
 +Ribbon Color 
 +Text Color 
 +Line 1 
 +Line 2 (if applicable) 
 +Total Number of Lines (For Verification) 
 +Total Cost for This Order 
 +Ribbon cost is .14 per, plus $3 for each line change. ​  
 +Some folks have a die on file with them that they use every year.  They will let you know this when they order, so it may be a good idea to have a Notes field when creating an order form. 
 +======2012 Ribbon Order(Paid for by Con)======
 ^ For Whom ^ Who is Paying ^ Text ^ Colors ^ Count ^ ^ For Whom ^ Who is Paying ^ Text ^ Colors ^ Count ^
 |Dealer'​s Room |Penguicon |Dealer |Gold on Hunter Green |  40| |Dealer'​s Room |Penguicon |Dealer |Gold on Hunter Green |  40|
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 |Rock Band Rock Off |Penguicon |I like to Rock off! |Red on Black |  50| |Rock Band Rock Off |Penguicon |I like to Rock off! |Red on Black |  50|
 |Rock Band Rock Finalists |Penguicon |Rock Harder |Gold on Black |  15| |Rock Band Rock Finalists |Penguicon |Rock Harder |Gold on Black |  15|
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