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You may now purchase ribbons for Penguicon online by visiting the following site:

The site is also linked on the Penguicon website under the “Attending” heading. Once you order and pay for ribbons, you will be able to pick them up from Ops during the convention.

Please e-mail if you have any questions.

RibbonWrangler for Penguicon 2012 is Misha Stone.

At conventions you will see chains of adhesive ribbons stuck to the membership badges. Most ribbons are comical or just for fun. Sometimes they're informative. Sometimes they're serious, as in the case of ribbons that identify convention staff. Badge ribbons are great conversation starters and fun to hand out to people.

2012 Ribbon Order (Change As Needed Each Year)

For Whom Who is Paying Text Colors Count
Dealer's Room Penguicon Dealer Gold on Hunter Green 40
Programming Participants Penguicon Program Participant White on Black 200
Staff Members Penguicon Staff White on Black 50
ConCom Members Penguicon ConCom White on Black 10
Guests of Honor Penguicon GoH Gold on Purple 15
Nifty Guest Penguicon Nifty Guest Gold on Red 45
John Scalzi Penguicon
Jim Gettys Penguicon
Hack Of Honor Penguicon
Order of the Penguin Penguicon Order of the Penguin Gold on Black 15
Gaming Penguicon Gaming Silver on Blue 100
Masquerade Penguicon Masquerade Entrant Orange on Red 50
Masquerade Penguicon Masquerade Finalist White on Green 20
Masquerade Penguicon Hall Costume White on Red 100
Masquerade Penguicon I'm Judging YouBlue on Red 10
Relationship Penguicon FSCKHR LG MP White on Black 1000
Volunteers Penguicon Penguin White on Black 100
Rock Band Rock Off Penguicon I like to Rock off! Red on Black 50
Rock Band Rock Finalists Penguicon Rock Harder Gold on Black 15
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