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Deadline to order ribbons: March 11, 1011

For those who have placed orders for ribbons - you may pick up your ribbons at the convention. Please be prepared to pay for your ribbons at the time of pickup. Thank you :)

RibbonWrangler for Penguicon 9 is Man Of A Thousand Names.

At conventions you will see chains of adhesive ribbons stuck to the membership badges. Most ribbons are comical or just for fun. Sometimes they're informative. Sometimes they're serious, as in the case of ribbons that identify convention staff. Badge ribbons are great conversation starters and fun to hand out to people. If you want to purchase them to hand out at the convention, contact the RibbonWrangler at Indicate in your e-mail how many you want to order, what they should say, and what color ribbons and text you want. The RibbonWrangler puts in one mass order a few weeks before the convention, and you can pay her when you pick up your ribbons at the event.

– ribbon prices

– available colors

– how many letters maximum

– info about any options of special characters or pictures

– deadline for ordering

– when and where at the convention to pick up the order from the RibbonWrangler

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