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Programming 2014

What to work on right now

Track heads:

  • Invite back successful presenters from last year (check Drive and email for contact info and lists, can also contact last year’s track head or look at last year’s program book)
  • Maintain a list of who you have contacted using the Spreadsheet template
  • Research ideas for Featured Guests in your track
  • Submit proposed Featured Guests to Janet by September 15
  • Seek out new presenters and new ideas for programming

Program Coordinators:

  • Work on whatever needs to be done for planning your program

Useful Documents

How to use your budget – budgetprocess.pdf
Important things to know – 2014thingstoknow.pdf

Programming Meeting Notes

August Meeting Notes – 2014augprogrammingmeetingnotes.pdf
September Meeting Notes – 2014septprogrammingmeetingnotes.pdf

Past Programming Information

Visit this page for information about programming at past Penguicons.

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