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HeadOfProgramming for Penguicon2007, MinisterOfCommunication for Penguicon2005 and Penguicon2006, Program Book for Penguicon 2004 through 2006 .ConChair for Penguicon 2007.

My first ScienceFiction convention was the first Penguicon. I've been helping to run it ever since, and have been a frequent panelist and presenter there in recent years. I presented the Lojban talk (see LojbanPresentation), and Coffee Ritual (see CoffeeRitual).

I have done desktop publishing for most of the ConFusion & Penguicon program books for the past decade. Frequent presenter/panelist/gamemaster. For the past ten years at Penguicon, variously: secretary, truck driver, GoH liaison, head of Programming, track head, Chair, assistant Chair, board member, and creator of website/signage/publications (usually multiple jobs at once). Past board member of the AnnArborScienceFictionAssociation which runs ConFusion.

I am heavily involved in i3Detroit, a hacker space (community workshop) in Ferndale which was a HackOfHonor at Penguicon. By specific request, time permitting, I can provide occasional publications, displays, flyers, web ads, banners, & other graphics. Also custom manufacturing of promo items with a laser cutter, adhesive vinyl plotter, 3d printer, & possibly a vacuum former.

I have expert-level knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design.

At PenguiCon 2.0 in 2004 I was on the PanelDiscussions “Cyber-Age Mythology” and “The Future of the Divine” with SF author SarahZettel and a panel with CathyRaymond about creating a costume at the last minute called “Help! I Forgot My Costume.” At PenguiCon 3.0 in 2005 I was on the PanelDiscussion “Collaborative Online Fiction” with SF authors CoryDoctorow and JohnScalzi.

I prefer to read Fictionwise ScienceFiction e-books on the screen of my handheld computer rather than buy them on paper. I'm a fan of CoryDoctorow and personally got him as a GoH for 2005, and fan of ChristinePeterson and CharlieStross who I got as GoHs for 2007.

I wrote post on my blog about what open source software and science fiction might gain from each other at Penguicon.

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