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John Guest has been involved with Penguicon since 1.0, when he assisted with travel for GoHs, coordinated the networking connectivity at the VanDykePark and Suites hotel, and was named to the board of directors by TracyWorcester. John has been involved in the con since then as a BoardMember and has assisted with making travel arrangements for GoHs, plus the occasional technical session. He has gladly turned over networking responsibilities to the various LUG members who have stepped up to the plate.

John has an extensive technical background going back to doing printed circuit tape outs when he was a teenager, electronic CAD design, UNIX and VMS system administration, and a deep-seated dislike of MS-DOS (the idiot love child of unix and VMS) and Windows. These days he works as a pre-sales engineer for Compsat Technology, an IBM business partner located in Southfield, Michigan, where he does storage and SAN architecture and configuration.

John has also been involved in Fandom for many years, having gone to his first convention back in 1981(?), ConFusion 101. While there was a long hiatus until his next con, when Tracy dragged him off to the 1999 version of ConTraption, he's been making up for lost time since then.

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