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NiftyGuest for PenguiCon 3.0 in 2005. CANCELED due to illness.


Internet developer Joey “accordionguy” deVilla is currently holding the position of TC/DC (Technical Community Development Coordinator) at Tucows, Inc. and having a blast while doing it. Joey used to be a computer programmer and the Director of Developer Relations for OpenCola Inc., so he and Cory Doctorow go way back. Prior to that, Joey was a partner in and programmer for datapanik software systems. Before that, he was a programmer for a clever multimedia company called Mackerel. And before that still, a “perma-student” at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada where Joey got a B.Sc. in Computer Science. “Ask around,” he says, “my kode-fu is good.”

Joey loves music dearly. Punk, ska, goth, industrial, grunge, techno-electronica-jungle-rave-etc, hip-hop, r&b, classic rock, jazz, classical, Johnny Cash and this guy. And he attempts to cover it all on accordion.

Joey says,

“By the way, it's spelled accordiOn, not accordiAn.

No, I don't really listen to Weird Al. Just as the Village People were both the high and low point for gay visibilty in music, Weird Al is the same for accordion players.

Yes, I read Accordion Crimes, and yes I liked it, even if the characters weren't likeable.

If you're ever on Queen Street West in Toronto and you hear Nine Inch Nails being played on what sounds like an accordion, it's probably me.”


Although Joey got sick and couldn't attend, he would still like to be invited again for 4.0 in 2006.

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