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Place holder for Master Hice. :)

This may or might not actually hold Master Hice in place.

James has been coming to Penguicon since 2006.

2007 - Volunteered for many hours pre and post con and some during as well.

2008 - 2011 - help staff the eco track and volunteered in other areas.

For Penguicon 2011 & 2012 James was the community manager
In Penguicon 2012 he also worked with head of programming, helped with the program book, and was a part of the web team

For Penguicon 2013 he worked with the with the conchair, head of programming, tech track, program book, and communications. Also created the google calendars for use during the convention.

During the Penguicon Board meeting at Penguicon 2013, James was elected to the Penguicon Board of Directors.

He has worked with the programming team 2012 - 2016 was the software used to help with programming

In 2015 and 2016 he worked with John Bell on the beginnings of a robot build.

For Penguicon 2015, 2016, and 2018 he brought his photobooth.

He also attempted to spearhead improvements in how the community and planning groups communicate. Please share your thoughts with him and the community regarding what can be improved and how. (not what did or didn't happen and who is to blame but how we can move forward to improve things going forward)

  • Check out the deadlines page ;) make sure you aren't passed due… make sure you update deadlines you are in charge of
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