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AnneZanoni has been part of fandom since 1983. First as a gofer at NovaCon. NovaCon was held annually at Oakland University and run by the Order of Leibowitz. Met RichardTucholka there and was inducted into the joys of volunteering. Usually spent much con time as a volunteer.

Probably joined the local “hotel cons” in the 1990s - namely ConFusion and ConClave and ConTraption. Also other Michigan cons, including EMU's E-con [now GEM-con] and U-M's U-con, and MDG's gaming events. Even MSU's ConQuest twice during the 1980s.

Went to MarCon in 1985. Sole non-Michigan convention until moving (briefly) to California 1998-2000.

Two thousand and one was the year of Michigan convention errors. In 2001 both ConFusion and ConClave found reimbursing volunteers problematic. ConFusion did eventually correct the problem.

Strangely enough, AnneZanoni continued to volunteer. :> At one recent ConFusion, Seth got tossed out of Registration so he could get sleep. By AnneZanoni. Who then took his place at Ops/Registration. Many people were still struggling out in the blizzard, or in accidents, en route to the TroyMarriott.

In late 2001 and into 2002, AnneZanoni worked on the con called Top Secret ConTraption. Despite being passionately involved with fencing. The constaff worked hard, and the five-score attendees had much fun - and that was the final ConTraption.


Participated in the initial WritingWorkshop as a critiquer (for Penguicon 3.0). One of the few participating who was not a writer nor aspiring to write. A great deal of fun working with everyone! This workshop was renamed - to the Sanctuary Press Writers Workshop - and now has its own wiki here. Initially only at Penguicon, but may appear at other conventions. Soon.

Talk to Freon if you are a writer, or know an aspiring unpublished writer, who is interested.

Volunteered to work at the Clarion 2005 writing workshop. They used a sorority house.

Only attended the first weekend - offering time and labor as a donation. Essentially cleaning the bedrooms and showing people around the house. Clarion is *the* writing workshop of SF. Did it because other donations were impossible, but Clarion MATTERS.

They were all very neat people. Put up with a great deal of pre-travel (leaving Michigan) jitters too…

Lately, AnneZanoni is working a different side of fandom. Usually. Ask about it in person.


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