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If the Convention Committee runs the convention, staffers are the muscles that move it along. Penguicon makes a distinction between Concom, Staff Members, Volunteers (Penguins), and Panelists (Program Participants). For this year, Staff will be considered those individuals who are responsible for doing work and making decisions for a single part of the convention and handling minor budgetary amounts. Typically staffers put in some amount of work before the con in addition to work during the convention. To compensate for this, staff pays a $25 rate.


by Chuck Child


Talent Wrangling

  • Karl Schroeder's Liaison: Dave Klecha
  • Spider and Jeanie Robinson's Liaison: Josh Parker
  • Howard Taylor's Liaison: Laurie Adams
  • Joe Brockmeier's Liaison: Jer Lance
  • Marcel Gagné's Liaison: Craig Maloney
  • i3Detroit's Liaison: Nate Bezanson



by Trevor Jagoda


by Brian Decker

  • Aaron Thul
  • Jeff Minor
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