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The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for helping the Facilities Coordinator manage the “stuff” of Penguicon. Essentially, if it involves any of our material possessions and/or the transportation of said material possessions, the Logistics Coordinator handles it. For Penguicon 2010, Dan Eckerd has been suckered into the role.

If you are planning on purchasing something for Penguicon, check here (and/or with Dan) to ensure we don't already have it…and notify him so that he can update his inventory!


  • Maintain an inventory of material possessions, along with the location of those possessions (storage cube, mostly)
  • Respond to queries related to our material possessions.
  • Obtain a box truck within budget for the weekend's equipment moving needs.
  • Drive and/or schedule the truck.
  • Obtain staff/volunteers for equipment loading/unloading before and after the weekend.


Keep track of inventory here, so others can see.

Storage Cube

Inventory as of 29 Nov 2009

Count Item
6 CRTs
1 water dispenser
4 smoke eaters
6 dry erase boards
6 1×4 sheets of styrofoam
9 foam core boards
650 10oz hot cups
950 8oz hot cups
500 16oz plastic cup
500 10oz plastic cups
2000 plastic spoons
1000 plastic knives
1150 plastic forks
125 8-1/4 round plates
225 12oz styro bowls
1400 napkins
misc gloves and garbage bags
misc ziplocks, wax, saran wrap
misc utensils
200 12-cup filters
200 8-cup filters
40 hot chocolate packets
2000 packets sugar
1500 packets splenda
500 packets equal
20 cans gel chafing alcohol
misc LN2 ingredients (see pics)
3 empty water jugs
2 tarps
1 large handled tub
1 microwave
1 percolating coffee pot
4 sm drip coffee pots
1 lg drip coffee pot
1 4qt crock pot
misc spices (see pics)
misc coffee supplies (see pics)
1000 mayonnaise packets
10 lbs sugar
Power strips


Inventory Photos

(Resizing is broken, click to see the fullsize image)

Truck Schedule






Staff/Volunteer List

If you want to help out with moving stuff, let Dan know, or throw your contact info here.


You can reach Dan at, or if you are having trouble reaching him, you can reach Jer at

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