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Welcome to a site for Penguicon organizers to track the project, and record their information and processes for the future.

If you're working on Penguicon:

This is directly taken from the Penguicon 7.0 planning site, so many of the instructions make no sense. Ignore them, they are retained solely for historical reference.

Log in using your email address and the password you got from Ron. If you haven't got one, please let us know.

Mail, Calendar, and Documents links will be visible at the top of the page when you are logged in. Find out what we're sharing to you, and think about some of your info you can share with us there.

The “Mail” link at the top of the page will let you check and search your mail through the Gmail interface. You can still receive it forwarded to your personal email account: Here are some simple illustrated setup instructions.

You can edit the pages on the left navigation if you are logged in.

If you're not working on Penguicon

On the left is a menu of info viewable and commentable by the public without logging in.

If you're an attendee looking for Penguicon's brochure site, it is at

If you haven't received a response to an email to a address in a reasonable time, please email the

If you want to get involved in running Penguicon, join our mailing lists and come to a concom meeting or SMOS dinner which are announced on the homepage blog. If you're on Livejournal you may wish to join the Penguicon LJ community or the homepage blog.

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