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Penguicon 5.0 Program book proof draft for 2007: Pages 1 through 10 Pages 11 through 20 Pages 21 through 30 Pages 31 through 40 Pages 41 through 52 Yes, we know the front cover says Livonia 2006 instead of Troy 2007. It will be fixed in the print version. Please compile all corrections in one email and send to Dan Desloover at zifferent at yahoo dot com.

The Program Book contains everything you want to know about PenguiCon, and is free when you register. Typically known for being inaccurate, (because last minute changes are bound to happen) The ProgramBook is therefore augmented by the PocketProgram and the InfoKiosk. The ProgramBook includes an AdSwap with ConFusion, ConClave, MarCon, ToBeContinued, and DucKon.

The ProgramBook includes information on all programming items, (including start time, panelists, and a quick summary of the panel), ConCom members, GoH bios, a letter from the ConChair, DealersRoom, Operations, Volunteering, ConSuite, InfoKiosks, MasqueradE, CharityAuction, InstallFests, a map of the hotel, and last but not least the RulesOfTheCon. It also includes information about related groups: SFOHA, LUGs and advertisements from other Conventions and businesses.

Past Program Books:

Complete Penguicon **4.0** program book in PDF form.- 16.1 MB. NOTE: THIS IS LAST YEAR'S BOOK.

Penguicon **3.0** 2005 program book front cover NOTE: THIS IS THE COVER FROM TWO YEARS AGO.

Penguicon **3.0** 2005 program book back cover THIS IS THE BACK COVER FROM TWO YEARS AGO.

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