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This person manages VolunteerPenguins. Before the convention, this person takes e-mails, online form submissions from, and other communications from those volunteering to help, and directs them to the departments where they would be most useful. At the convention, the Penguin Wrangler will solicit walkup volunteers (called Gophers at other conventions), which we call Penguins. Penguins are assigned on the spur of the moment to perform unskilled but absolutely vital roles such as checking badges at the door or unloading food from vans. They use the Volunteer Form given to them by the Penguin Wrangler where they will describe their jobs, record their hours, and get signatures from the staff members they helped. They turn them into the Penguin Wrangler and if the convention makes a profit they receive a reimbursement of their registation price. We have made a profit and given reimbursements all three years in a row. For Penguicon 4.0 the Penguin Wrangler was RachelSherman.

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