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  • Randy Bradakis (ConChair 2010)
  • Limey Zrnich (Costuming and Conchair 2011)
  • Jer Lance (Facilities)
  • Kendra Duane (Costuming)
  • Yanni Kuznia (Lit Track)
  • Brian Decker (Registration)
  • Shar Nims (Consuite)
  • Ron Blanchett (Webmaster)
  • Dan Desloover (Hoping for tech programming)
  • Chuck Child (Consuite)
  • Danielle Dearmond (Consuite)
  • Amanda Long-Adams (Treasurer)
  • Cory Skelly (Website programmer)
  • Blake Farrugia (Website programmer) (Dating Cory Skelly)
  • Tim Slovik (Life track to be)
  • Sara Slovik (Eco Track)
  • James Hice (Conchair 2013, Community Manager)
  • Christine Benders (Operations)
  • Amy Zrnich (Drag Show)
  • Brad McMahon (Tech Track)
  • Chris Kreiger (Network Guy)
  • Dan Eckerd (Logistics)
  • Angie Fox (Dealer Room)
  • Jen Toby (Gaming)
  • Matt Arnold (Program Book and Community Manager)
  • Bill Korsak (Gaming and Programming)
  • Chris Catlett (Network and Lounge)
  • Trevor Jagoda (Programming Head and 2012 Conchair)
  • Sheryl Bradakis (Masquerade)

Complaints from 2010

  • i3 Panel in the hall for 90 minutes was a problem for gamers
  • Program book was complimented for both accuracy and prettiness…woohoo
  • Private dining rooms too small
  • Microsoft open source display was interesting and vaguely informative
  • Authors loved signing in the hallway…should be set up for them in advance
  • Network sucked less - should have been more clear about where it is provided to
  • More than one space for storage stuff and people that ask about such things
  • Need larger room or some way to limit people to food track things in the existing room
  • Need books from the authors in the dealer room
  • Setup was liked
  • If you see a vendor you wish to have, get their info to
  • First year staffer had a great time!
  • Needs to be a checklist for cube and it needs to be sorted as it goes
  • Ops closet key
  • Might have over-ordered beer…3-4 months before they go bad

Starting 2011

  • Registration system / Website
  • If you want to do a job, please talk to Limey ASAP
  • Look to the website for updates
  • If you want to host a SMOS dinner, contact Matt Arnold
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