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Penguicon 2012 Concom Meeting
15 April, 2012

Meeting Announcement

15 April at the Regency Hyatt Dearborn, gather at 11am, meeting at 12pm promptly

Meeting officially started at 12:00pm




Individual Reporting



  • Program book
    • Jer needs to update hotel thingie asap
    • Use Penguins from Fes Works for program book cover
    • Outstanding (missing)
      • Gettys photograph
      • Scrub Club Records photo
      • Fes Works photo
      • Philip Proefrock photo
    • Proof draft of keepsake book on Monday
    • Price: $3,000
      • 1,300 souvenir books
      • somewhat less of schedules
      • books delivered
  • T-Shirts
    • Art sent to Off-World
      • XL for Charity
      • 3 XL for Vols


  • Nothing to report
  • If you have receipts, get them turned in asap
  • Expense forms are on the wiki (search for 'Expense Reports')


  • Phone and Internet in coat closet (jer, don't fuck this up)
  • We need to make sure we have passwords for VM & Probs Twitter
  • Signs (sent an email to Matt)
    • Rage Bukkake
  • No more sponsorship person
    • Sad panda
    • Rage Bukkake about the sponsorship page
  • Get Ops your cellphone number
  • Game library in Ops


  • Hi
  • Final revision of the actual schedule (including conflicts) ends today
    • All future changes are in errata and online DB
    • DB is crazy easy available online
    • Can we print the link on the back of the badge
  • Panelist problems
    • Jim Gettys on only one panel
    • Names not on mass panels
    • If you find problems, send via email
  • If you have a signup sheet for your panel (like for a tasting or something) get it to Ops ASAP
  • So many things are happening behind me (jer)


  • Deadline for staff lists is Saturday…or else
  • I'm Canadian pretty much now


  • Good morning Cylithria
  • Whiteboards in the car for ops to repair
  • Beer
    • Woodchuck
    • Dead Guy
    • Oberon
    • Ellie's Brown
    • Mark is going to train staff…and will be on call for emergencies
    • CO2 comes with Jockey box?
    • Amanda produced food purchase receipts
  • Alcohol waiver rules look good
    • Jer will print and bring to con
  • We can rent a fridge
  • LN2 delivery 3pm on Friday
    • They will contact Jer
    • LN2 ingredient list is in
  • Open Soda and Beer in ConSuite Main (401)
    • Midnight panel
  • 'Meals' around LN2 IC times


  • Load-in
    • Thursday
      • Noon - 4
    • Friday
      • Noon - 6
  • Load-Out
    • Sunday
      • 2 - 6
    • Monday
      • 10 - 2
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Jer, could you get around to asking the fucking hotel if we can plug our shit into the fucking TVs
    • Not actual poop, computers…
    • Yes, but it costs money, so no


Eco Track

  • Can we put boxes for badge holders at the exit
    • Sure?


  • Budget? Nope
  • T-Shirt? Yep
  • Bone-Marrow?
    • Panel time
    • Not this year…absolutely for next year

WoW Game

  • If you don't want to be a gate-post or quest-end, please let Jamie know


  • 712 confirmed volunteer hours
  • Don't just show up asking for a volunteers

Next Meetings

  • Well, there will be this little convention in a bit…

SMOS Dinners

  • SMOS at LOCATION place DATE.
  • If you want to throw a SMOS dinner or party, please contact us at

Meeting proper adjourned at 2:54pm by Jer.

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