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Penguicon 2010 Concom Meeting
February 6, 2010

Meeting Announcement

06 February 2010 at Randy's house. Pre-meeting at noon, meeting promptly starts at 1pm.

Meeting officially started at 13:00




  • Bradley McMahon
  • Ron Smoth Blanchett
  • Dan Eckerd
  • Bill Korsak
  • Limey Zrnich
  • Aaron Thul
  • Shar Nims
  • Steve Dehart
  • Yanni Kuznia
  • James Hice
  • Matt Arnold
  • Sparrow Slovik
  • Sheryl Bradakis
  • Nate (i3)
  • David Adams
  • Laurie Adams
  • Chris Krieger


  • Mark Lennigan (GWG)
  • Curtis Girsdafjhak
  • Aaron Mijsaihvdsn
  • Dylan Herbert (International Relations)



  • Dealers Room
    • paid by Penguicon
    • Count needed - 40
    • Dark Green, Gold Lettering
  • Program Participant
    • Style - Black with White Lett
    • Count - 200
  • Staff
    • Style - Black with White Lett
    • Count - 50
  • ConCom
    • Style - Black with White Lett
    • Count - 10
  • GoH
    • Style - Purple with Gold Lett
    • Count - 15
  • Individual GoH Ribbons
    • Traditionally each GoH gets a ribbon to hand out
    • Styles?
    • Wording (from GoHs?)
    • Count - 100 each
  • Order of the Penguin
    • ConChair does an “award ribbon” for those that have done exemplary service
    • Style - Randy will come up with this later
    • Count - 15


  • Security
    • 2 roll offs in Med Room for Dealer's Room
  • Power
    • Has hotel agreed to run power as requested for main dealer area
  • Layouts - Mar 27 Cutoff
  • Hallway of storage
  • i3 Cupcake car in the hallway
    • Need to know if wheels are non-marking,
      • Wheels are non marking
    • if 0 emissions
      • No taco bell
    • and if turning on carpet will ruin carpet
      • No problem
  • Lock picking panel
    • No problem
  • Guest Rooms (75 rn total) (with Late check-out)
    • 2 storage (Near Consuite, across hall?)
      • 8 rn (2 rm * 4 nights)
    • 2 gopher
      • 5 rn (2 rm * 1 @ 2 nights & 1 @ 3 nights)
    • Anime/Film (Near Consuite)
      • 2 rn (1 rm * 2 nights)
    • Eco Track (Near Consuite, far periphery)
      • 2 rn (1 rm * 2 nights)
    • LN2 Room (Near Consuite)
      • 2 rn (1 rm * 2 nights)
    • Last year's Volunteer Hours winner
      • 2 rn (1 rm * 2 nights)
      • Randy will get him in touch with me
    • ConCom Rooms (to be paid to con by members)
      • 32 rn (8 rm * 4 nights)
    • GoH Rooms (Quiet area)
      • 20 rn (5 rm * 4 nights)
        • 15 rn free
    • Television Equipment Room (room 1709)
      • 2 rn (1 rm * 2 nights)
  • Suites (5 of them)
    • Juried among all possibles who submit to by March 15th
      • i3 (Hackerspace Party)
      • Barfleet
      • Canadian Parties
    • Purchased through convention at $150 per night rate
    • Do they come with adjoining guest rooms?
    • Time to start the “want to throw a party in a suite”
      • Leaning toward folks that throw two-night parties or have someone to split nights with them
      • Must have check in for $150 (no tax) to Treasurer nlt DATE March 30 or we move down list
      • Suite occupants juried aside from previous year party contest winners?
  • ConSuite
    • When do we get the room on Friday? Noon
    • When do we lose it on Sunday? 3pm
    • Where do we do pre-party and dead-dog? 14th floor suite
  • Green Room
    • Hotel supplied lineup of snacks
    • Meal service for GoHs (Nifties?)
      • Fri Dinner; Sat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Sun Breakfast, Lunch
      • Limited sub-menu for short order food for meals for GoHs
      • Snacks provided from 1 hour before programming start to 1 hour after programming end
        • Should be meal appropriate (breakfasty snacks in AM, etc)
        • Available for nifties and gohs?


  • Function Space
    • Review Preliminary Layouts
      • What are we doing with the old furniture…Dibs?
    • Chaos Machine - OK with restaurant
    • Determine where in parking garage parking garage programming will go
  • Need somebody to do film portion of film room, or film room dies
    • Please, somebody contact Randy asap
  • Souvenir Book (Printed paper proof March 6th)
    • Front matter due No Later Than 20 Feb 2010. This is a drop dead date
      • Cover art - Laurie Adams will get with Howard Tayler
      • Conchair Report - Randy Bradakis
      • Ops - Randy (Until further notice), Jer has stuff too
      • Hotel Information - Jer Lance, Trevor
      • Volunteers - Anna Held-Petrak
      • Chaos Machine - Trevor
      • Consuite - Chuck Child
      • Room Parties - Amanda LA and Jer
      • Dealer's Room - Angie Fox
      • Game Room - Bill Korsak
      • Convention Rules - Randy Bradakis
      • Restaurant Guide - Yanni Kuznia
      • Howard Tayler Intro - Laurie Adams
      • i3 Intro - Nate Blkajsdfnaskdjnkij, Bradley McMahon
      • Karl Schroeder Intro - Dave Kletcha
      • Marcel Gagne - Snapple (Made from the best stuff on earth)
      • Zonker Brockmeyer - Jer Lance
      • Network (Possibly) - Ossy
      • If you want shit in there, email Matt (romeo, alpha, papa, echo)
    • Schedule Book
      • Deadline for program items is March 30th and that is a hard date
      • Schedule Book printed paper proof is April 9th
  • Nifties/Guests
    • Pictures and Bios
    • Liaisons
      • Have they made contact /w GoH?
    • Are questionnaires done/returned?
      • They went out this week.
  • Do I have any programming ops?


  • No more Mara
    • If someone can handle operations, we are in need. Contact Randy ASAP


  • Orvan needs ideas for Acme deliveries and recipients. Announce this request on the normal Penguicon channels.


  • We should start considering signage…what signs will each department need.
  • List and describe and forward such requests to the appropriate department

Individual Reporting



  • Spider & Jeanne Robinson
    • Will make virtual and pre-recorded appearance?
  • Music Track Info
    • Rob Balder can not eat Jer's ass
    • Can his nifty badge move to someone else? REQUEST DENIED *STAMP NOISE*
  • Contact Page update
    • Ron and Randy will doublecheck to make sure the form is actually working
  • Geeks with Guns
    • The Mark Lenigan that ran it for Penguicon 1.0 wants to run it again
    • If anyone is bringing a gun, they need to ensure they contact Jer so that they won't get their room cleaned.
    • Ron will put GWG back on the form and set up a contact email
    • Communications needs to send out a blurb, Mark will pass on to Randy
  • GoH questionnaire “BLAH” vs. Actual Date
    • Need a clever acronym for BLAH that makes sense. (By Last Available H
  • T-Shirt
    • Randy will pass this on to Ron BLAH
  • Positions
    • Community Manager: Misha has been elected for Penguicon for the year
    • Sponsorships: Needed
    • Marketing: Chris Pate? (Tentative)
    • Operations Head: (*wink*)


  • Liaisons were just put in contact with GoHs within the last few days.
  • Trevor emailed info for Craig to Micki
  • Liaisons should pass on to GoHs a drop dead on questionnaire of Feb 28th BLAH
  • Track heads should get Nifty Blurbs to Micki asap or the blurbs won't happen.
  • Spoke to BAD, BIG, Asians, FEW…working on diversifying Penguicon


  • Network:
    • Prelim network design is on the wiki
    • There will be a staff presenter network which will have priority to the Internet (second after Reg)
    • There are not any honeypots on the network. Seriously. None. Not any.
    • Working on a line drop from an outside provider
    • Wireless will be provided by Cisco
  • Lounge
    • Design is on the wiki
    • 10-20 terminals running Ubuntu 9.10
    • There is room for people to bring in their own demo boxen.
  • Logistics
    • Boots will donate the use of his truck
    • He might also drive
    • Cube to hotel on Thursday
    • Hotel to cube on Monday
    • I need an adult!
    • Inventory on Wiki


  • Treasurer and Volunteers will be stationed at Reg on Sunday for reimbursements
  • Room parties should be emailed to or they will be shut down
  • There will be a room party contest again…Amanda will provide a box to Hotel Front Desk for room party contest voting
    • Needs to hear from Limey about giving away a free membership in contest


  • We hate Canada…. (Reg is fixing the reg form for today)
  • Brian needs list of Nifties, GoHs, and Staff…
  • Staff positions get staff rate
  • ConCom positions get ConCom rate
  • Board members play double
  • Still getting computers, printer, and credit card machine ($200)



  • Bill Korsak
    • Put out call for GMs (March 15th is deadline)
  • Ryan Carey
    • Video Game Track list is done
    • Will put the list on the wiki so that people can see
    • If you have a panel you want to see and have somebody to run it…let Ryan know

Next Meetings

  • March 6th at the hotel (Jer will verify with the hotel) (Pre-meeting at noon, meeting at 1)
  • April 10th at the hotel with walkthrough (Jer will verify with the hotel) (Pre-meeting at noone, meeting at 1, walkthrough at 4?)

SMOS Dinners

  • If you want to throw a SMOS dinner or party, please contact us at

Meeting proper adjourned at 15:48 by rape.

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