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Hack of Honor

Every year Penguicon invites special Guests of Honor, or GoH's as we call them, to come to our convention and give a speech on a topic of their choice, be placed on panel discussions, attend other events, such as book autograph sessions, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and often judge various Penguicon contests. These GoH's are often experts in their fields, and highly well known within their respective topics of knowledge. They are celebrities in their own right; real people who come to Penguicon and mingle with us, face to face, and we cherish their time with us.

Sometimes Penguicon wishes to invite a different type of Guest to our Convention, a Guest that actually isn't a person, but is more of a 'thing'. These very special 'guests' often need special people to wrangle the Item into it's place of Honor, and they give presentations on behalf of the 'thing' we've chosen. It is the special 'thing', one we invite to be our guest and one that is not a person, we call Hack of Honor.

Although our Hack of Honor is not a living being, we cherish it as much as our human Guests of Honor because after all, life as a geek would be dull, bland and boring without our favorite 'things', right?

Current Year Hack of Honor:

Penguicon 2012's Hack of Honor is Open Soda.

2012 Hack of Honor Wranglers are:

Previous Hack(s) of Honor:

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