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Job Description

A GoH Liaison has a very important job. Before the convention, they handle all communications between all of the convention and their GoHs. Such as:

  • Getting all answers on the Guest Questionnaire.
  • Getting a GoH bio for the program book and the Convention website.
  • Getting a GoH head shot picture for the Convention website
  • Making certain that transportation needs for their GoH are met. (Verify Travel arrangements, transport to/from airport)
  • Provide the GoH with their Panel Schedule.
  • Telling their GoH all of our expectations (like 5 minutes or so of speechmaking at Opening Ceremonies).
  • Selecting items for a gift basket for the GoH.
  • Helping the GoH get to all their panels and other events.
  • Providing the GoH whatever they need.

During the convention, they spend a lot of time with their GoH, making sure their GoH makes it to all of their panels on time, eats at regular intervals, and generally has a good time. They collect receipts from their GoHs to get them reimbursements from the convention for all normal expenses. Liaisons report to Operations.

Current Liaisons

Past Liaisons

PenguiCon (2011) liaisons:

PenguiCon (2010) liaisons:

PenguiCon 5.0 (2007) liaisons:

PenguiCon 4.0 (2006) liaisons:

PenguiCon 3.0 (2005) liaisons:

PenguiCon 2.0 liaisons:

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