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Since the new hotel has less function space and more hotel rooms, we carefully considered an option called a “DealersRow.” At this time, PenguiCon has decided not to have a DealersRow for 2006 but may consider it for a future year after getting more feedback from dealers.

In this plan we would have a smaller DealersRoom but also dedicate a hallway of hotel rooms as a sort of second DealersRoom. The DealersRow frees up precious function space that other activities are demanding. A smaller version of the traditional DealersRoom would remain for those who prefer it, on a first-come first-serve basis.

This approach has been used successfully by Arisia in Boston for since 1991. According to Arisia, it is not innovative; it has been used since the first WorldCons.

Many dealers prefer to be there over the DealersRoom itself. The dealers pay the hotel for a hotel room and pay a nominal fee to the convention. Dealers may elect to pay a fee, if the hotel in question charges one, to remove furniture from the room. Some double up or triple up. Individual hotel rooms are allowed to stay open for business at whatever hours they wish. Security almost takes care of itself because they simply walk away and lock the door. It uses rooms that count toward the room block contractual fulfillment. However, it greatly expands the party block since it is far from quiet.

This was revisited for Penguicon 7.0 and the dealers were decidedly unhappy with the notion. This sounds like something OUR dealers are not happy with.

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