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The DeadDog Party: -A party where everybody who is still at the convention after it closes, sits in the ConSuite using up the remaining complimentary food and drinks, while talking, laughing, singing, sleeping, doing random fun stuff, and saying our goodbyes to a wonderful weekend.

Where is the 2012 Penguicon DeadDog This year? You'll find us in on the 4th Floor North Suite, rooms 401 & 402. The same spot the ConSuite was located in! Beginning after Closing Ceremonies on Sunday, April 29, 2012; our DeadDog Party will continue into the late night or probably early morning hours, so if you're sticking around after the convention, come on up and join us! At some point, you too might be slathered in Mayo…. it could happen ;)

If you have any questions, suggestions or information please don't hesitate to contact Cylithria at and she'll do her best to answer them!

Current Year Information

This year, we are at the Hyatt Regency Dearborn. Fourth floor, North Suites - Rooms 401 & 402. (Same place the ConSuite was located.) When you come out of the elevator bay on the fourth floor, hook a left and keep walking. We're down at the end. You won't miss us. :D

4th Floor - North Suites - Rooms 401 & 402 DeadDog Party - be there or be…..?

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