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Café Penguicon

CafePenguicon is a room party held at other Cons (see RelatedGroups) to help promote PenguiCon. CafePenguicon is a great marketing tool and its main goal should be to inform other con goers about PenguiCon. It has taken place at ConFusion, ConClave and MarCon.

Ideally there should be several staff to help run the Café. Two floating PenguiCon supporters able to talk to people and let them know what PenguiCon is about, someone out in the hall inviting people in is a great way to get people into the room, someone close to the door taking PreRegistration and greeting, and someone making coffee, tea, and keeping the room generally stocked with the beverages and snacks. StarfleetTux frequently attends conventions other than PenguiCon long enough to show up at CafePenguicon.

CafePenguicon is usually stocked with a wide assortment of warm and caffeinated products. Coffee, tea, hot cider, and hot chocolate are all popular beverage items. The coffee should be *good* coffee, not just the same stuff served in ConSuite. Chocolate is always a mandatory as are mints in one form or another. Food items with salt and carbs need to be places around the room for munching. Any kind of dip, or drippy stuff should be avoided as salsa has caused a mess in the past.

An impromptu CoffeeRitual has been known to take place in CafePenguicon.

If people are interested in the PenguiCon try and obtain an e-mail address so they can be added to the Penguicon-Announce e-mail distribution list.

The Following should be packed when preparing for CafePenguicon

Inflatable Penguin
Old ProgramBook's
4 Coffee Makers or more
Coffee Stirrers
Extension Cords
Power Strips
Signs to post up
Flyers to hand out
Duck Tape
Scotch Tape
PreRegistration Kit
Cash Box
Bowls for snacks
Coffee Pot Signs (what flavor coffee)
Coffee filters
Carpet Tape
Coffee measuring scoop
Paper towel (lots)

M&M’s (peanut)
Decaf Coffee
Sweet & Low
Apple Cider Mix
Powdered Creamer
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

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