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Penguicon Board Meeting Minutes
13 Sep 2008

Call to order 3:24 PM


Board members in attendance: Chuck Child, Garrett Kajmowicz, Jordan Malokofsky, Steve Gutterman.

Not attending: Tracy Worcester.

Others in attendance: Mollly de Blanc, Sal Sanfratello, Heather Fish, Jane Pierce (MEC Board), Kathy Blizzard (MEC Board), Matt Arnold, Randy Bradakis, Jer Lance, Ron Blanchett

Old Business

  1. Review of progress on Penguicon reincorporation and change of corporate information. (Steve Gutterman)
    • All forms are now on file with the state, and show up in the state's database. Penguicon's incorporation is fully up to date.
  2. Update on 501©3 incorporation. (Steve Gutterman)
    • Paperwork is still pending, has not been filed. The board was informed that expenses for presenters / guest above and beyond what they are “compensated” for are deductible if Penguicon is a 501©3 corporation. Further discussion was held until after New Business item 4, meeting was eventually adjourned without further discussion.
  3. Discussion of filling Board IT Officer position. (All)
    • Initial discussion was that we should follow the same process to fill this position as Board vacancies and ConChair, followed be a review of position responsibilities.
    • Motion: That the position should be publicized to the same venues as Board or ConChair opening, and applicants be asked to provide a statement as to their qualifications, plans, and vision for the role. Candidates will be asked to attend the next scheduled Board meeting for a selection. Motion by Chuck Child, seconded by Garrett Kajmowicz. Approved unanimously.
  4. Update on safe deposit box research. (Tracy Worcester) Tabled until next meeting.
  5. Update on research into separating the Penguicon bank account into three accounts: for current year, upcoming year, and for the Board. (Tracy Worcester) Tabled until next meeting.
  6. Update on research into making the Penguicon funds earn interest or return. (Tracy Worcester) Garrett reported that nothing beyond depositing in a money market account is financially practical until the Penguicon account reaches at least $2M. No further discussion.
  7. Discussion of ConChair's role, liabilities, and responsibilities. (Garrett Kajmowicz)
    • This became a discussion of what rules for behavior of convention goers the convention as a whole needed, and how they would be applied. The Board decided that there was a need to create a standard set of convention rules that would be used each year, and provided as a base to each year's ConChair. These rules should include coverage of under what circumstances someone may be removed from the convention. This will be an item for discussion on the Board list and at the next meeting.

New Business

  1. Proposal from Convocation Board for resource sharing.
    • The was an exploratory inquiry from the representatives from the Magical Education Council of Ann Arbor (d/b/a MEC) to look at pooling use of some “year to year” fixtures and items to reduce overall costs and increase flexibility for both conventions.
    • Motion: Penguicon will agree to loan and borrow durable goods with MEC for single events. The group that borrows an item will replace it if it breaks. The Penguicon Board Treasurer will be the point of contact for arranging the loans and will track the items. Proposed by Chuck Child, seconded by Garrett Kajmowicz. Approved unanimously.
  2. Discussion on revisions to Penguicon sponsorship policy.
    • Extensive discussion of how to handle sponsorships in the future. There is a general agreement that the sponsorship policy change from the last meeting does not meet the Board's desired objectives.
    • Motion: The Board rescinds the sponsorship policy adopted at the 12 July 2008 Special Board Meeting. Motion by Steve Gutterman, seconded by Garrett Kajmowicz. Approved unanimously.
    • Motion: The budget for each year's Penguicon convention will contain an item for the maximum amount of sponsorship funds that can be accepted by the convention. Sponsorship money shall be spent before any other funding sources. Each year's ConChair will inform the Penguicon Board within two weeks of accepting any sponsorship; no sponsorships can be accepted within 30 days of the start of the Penguicon convention. Motion by Chuck Child, seconded by Jordan Malokofsky. Approved unanimously.
    • Motion: The Penguicon 2009 Convention budget will be modified to be $32,351, with a $10,000 sponsorship limit, and preserving any prior contingent portions of the budget. Motion by Jordan Malokofsky, Garrett Kajmowicz seconds. Approved unanimously.
  • Break - 5:26 PM to 5:46 PM.
  1. Election of ConChair for Penguicon 8.0 (2010).
  • Three candidates: Molly de Blanc, Matt Arnold, Randy Bradakis
  • Each candidate was extensively interviewed by the Board and onlookers.
  • Motion: Randy Bradakis be named Penguicon ConChair for Penguicon 2010. Motion by Chuck Child, seconded by Steve Gutterman. Approved unanimously.
  1. Election to fill one Penguicon Board vacancy.
  • Motion: That the Penguicon Board be increased in size to seven members. Chuck Child motioned, Jordan Maolokofsky seconded. Approved unanimously.
  • Motion: Steve Gutterman be elected to the now vacant Board position and to the office of Secretary. Chuck Child motioned, Garrett Kajmowicz seconded. Approved unanimously among voting members, Steve Gutterman recused himself
  • Motion: That Saverio Sanfratello Jr be elected to the Penguicon Board. Garret motioned, Check seconded. Approved unanimously.
  1. Any new items from Board Members or the floor.
  • Discussion of soliciting names for a Leadership Development Training program.


Motion to adjourn by Chuck Child at 8:03 PM, seconded by Garrett. In favor: Chuck Child, Garrett Kajmowicz, Jordan Malokofsky, Saverio Sanfratello Jr. Opposed: Steve Gutterman. Approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM.

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