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Penguicon Board of Directors

Because Penguicon is incorporated, by law it must have a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is not the same thing as the Convention Committee (or Concom). If you want to talk about how the upcoming Penguicon should be run, talk to the Conchair and Concom, not the Board. Here is a list of what is involved in the Board, to clarify the difference between Board and Concom.

  1. The Board elects a Convention Chair (or Conchair), and gives that person total independent authority to put on one Penguicon convention in one year without interference from the Board. The Board is committed to not push the Conchair around. The only way the Board would interfere would be in a crisis sufficient to justify complete removal of the Conchair.
  2. The Board receives a budget submitted by the Conchair, and approves or denies the total dollar figure requested for that year's convention based on the Conchair's justifications. But the Board does not micromanage the line items in the budget during the approval process.
  3. Because the Conchair is only authorized to control one year of Penguicon, the Board handles multi-year financial commitments such as web host, P.O. Box, and storage cube.
  4. The Board has four meetings per year to accomplish the above business: the second Saturday in January, March, June and September at 12:00 P.M. (Noon)
  5. The Board has the ability to change Penguicon's Bylaws of incorporation by vote.

By contrast, here is how the Concom is different in each of those points.

  1. The Concom is an organization assembled by a Convention Chair (or Conchair) to create one Penguicon convention in one particular year.
  2. The Convention Chair may change line items in the Board-approved budget any way they wish, to fit within the approved total dollar figure.
  3. Any decision that fits into one year falls to the authority of the Concom of that year.
  4. The Concom normally meets about once per month, and plans this year's convention in their meetings.
  5. The Concom is not normally a voting body.

As of 09/10/2022, the Penguicon Board of Directors are:

(Some of these board members may also be ConCom, Staff Members, Volunteers, and/or Program Participants. See individual pages for those lists.)

The former Conchairs on the Board are Jessica Roland, and Randy Bradakis.

The Conchair is requested to attend Board meetings, but the rest of the Concom is not required. The interested public is welcome to attend Board meetings.

Contact Board Members Privately:

Former Board Members:

Amanda Long-Adams (Treasurer) April 2012 - April 2020

Matt Arnold (Vice-President) May 2010 to May 2020

Steve Gutterman (Secretary) 2002 to February 2019

Jer Lance September 2011 to February 2019

Gini Judd June 2009 to January 2019

Mark Szlaga, June 2010 to September 2012

Aaron Thul, 1st term began May 2005; 2nd term May 2010 to April 2012

Chuck Child, 2007 to June 2011

Jordan Malokofsky until June 2010

Angela Pineo June 2009 to June 2010

garrettkajmoviczGarrett Kajmowicz, 2006 to 2009

John Guest, 2002 to 2006

Patricia Altergott, 2004 to 2006

Susan Harris, 2002 to 2006

Rob Landley, 2002 to 2006

Tracy Worcester, Treasurer, 2002 to 2006 2007 to 2009

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