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2013 Info

All projectors should have VGA and HDMI inputs.

Access to cables should be limited. Require checkout from Ops.

  • Big Top - Ottawa Ballroom (4 sections) (50x49x20)
    • large projector - requires RCA input plus regular inputs for DVD player
    • large screen (size?)
    • 4 wireless microphones with table stands
    • audio mixer with at least 6 inputs (4 microphone, 2 aux)
    • pair of speakers with stands
    • 50ft power extension cords (assume outlets at less convenient locations)
      • projector
      • mixer and other audio equipment
      • speakers?
    • 30ft VGA cable
    • 30ft HDMI cable
    • 30ft audio cable
    • adapters for 1/8“ phono jacks
  • music track room?
    • powered speaker
    • microphone (may be wired) with floor stand
  • geek prom/dance?
  • Salon A, B, D, E (each) (34x30x20)
    • small projector, primarily for Powerpoint
    • small screen?
    • small computer speakers, available for checkout, probably purchase by Con
    • note: Panelists are responsible for bringing their own cables, adapters, etc.

Unhomed equipment believed needed:

  • Portable amplified speaker with 2 inputs (can steal 2 microphones from Big Top)
    • with 12ft cable and mini-phono adapter.
    • Assume dance (if held) will be in the Big Top, and will not use this.
    • Suitable for swing dance class.
    • Adequate for Geek Prom? (if held)
    • Assume if the Music Track room requires audio equipment, schedule will prevent sharing.
  • spare bulbs/equipment

Bands performing will supply their own equipment.

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