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Also known as “SirNotAppearingAtThisCon.” WilWheaton loves PenguiCon and we love him, but he has never been able to attend. He accepted our invitation to be MediaGoH in 2004 and again in 2005, but career obligations at the last minute made it impossible.

Wil was a guest of honor at our sister convention in Texas, LinuCon in Fall 2004. He was a big hit with attendees and had a great time.

We would like to have a live video chat at PenguiCon from Wil's living room, but currently lack the manpower. Hint, whenever somebody says that at a convention it means we are asking you if you can do it. We'll have the event if someone steps forward who A. knows how to set up teleconferencing to Wil's Apple Macintosh, and B. is reliable to do the work and make it happen.

Wil's liaison was BrendanDurrett.


WilWheaton first entered the public eye in 1986 with his critically acclaimed performance in Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me. He spent his teenage years on the starship Enterprise as a series regular on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Since leaving TNG, Wil has explored a number of different career options. In 1993, Wil put everything he had in a storage locker at Los Angeles Union Station, and tried life as a hobo, riding the rails across the US.

He settled in Florida in early 1995, where he found work at The Waffle House, on route 90. Wheaton had found his calling, it seemed, until a tragic accident known only as the “pigs-in-a-blanket-fiasco” drove him out of the Waffle House, and, ultimately, out of Florida completely.

Heartbroken and disillusioned, Wheaton returned to Los Angeles, and reclaimed his place in the spotlight by writing clever biographies for former child actors.

Wil is currently a writer and performer with the ACME Comedy Theatre, and was recently called “rather remarkable” by the LA Weekly. Recent roles include the romantic lead in the dark comedy “Jane White is Sick and Twisted” and a guest-starring lead on PAX TV’s “Twice In A Lifetime.”

While Wil remains active in movies and television, he is as well known today for his popular personal website, where can be found Wil’s weblog, general musings on things, and occasional discussions of OpenSource programming. Over the last few years Wil has become very active in the OpenSource community.

Wil currently lives in That Spooky Old House On The Edge of Town. He knows exactly what it is that you’re up to, and your parents are going to get a phone call from him. And don’t make that face. He can see you, mister, and you’re not fooling anyone.

WilWheaton’s canceled schedule for PenguiCon 2.0 in 2004:

Friday 2:00 pm Manitou Blogging for Fun and Profit

Friday 6:00 pm Theatre Can We Kill Wesley Now?

Fri 8:00 pm Ballroom A/B Opening Ceremonies

Friday 11:00 pm Ballroom A/B Wil Wheaton: Live Standup!

Saturday 2:00 pm Ballroom A/B Autograph Session

Saturday 6:00 pm Da Vinci’s Banquet

Saturday 9:00 pm Theatre Charity Auction

Saturday 10:00 pm Theatre Wil Wheaton Reading

Sunday 11:00 am Ballroom A/B Blogs as Literature

Sunday noon Theatre More Than Just Wesley, Really

Sunday 1:00 pm Theatre Comedy in SF

Sunday 2:00 pm Kensington Defending the 1st Amendment

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