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The Ferret

Ferrett Steinmetz is a blogger and science fiction writer. His fiction's been published in Asimov's, GUD Magazine, and Pseudopod, among many other places - but he's currently better known for his journal, The Watchtower of Destruction (, which has several thousand readers who tune in daily to listen to his mix of bad puns, sexual innuendo, and relationship advice. Some day, he'll be “that amazing speculative fiction writer” and not “that guy who writes the sex quizzes.” Until then, he'll keep pluggin'.

Past Bio-

The Ferrett - and yes, people do call him that - is one of the most-read writers on LiveJournal, blogging daily about sex, relationships, and Godawful puns to an audience of thousands. He is also the Editor-in-Chief and Webmaster of, the most popular independent Magic: the Gathering site, which doles out daily parcels of Magic strategy to an audience of tens of thousands. And when the Ferrett wants to reach an audience of hundreds of thousands of people, he writes up a new Purity Quiz for the Internet - including the Ultimate Sexual Purity Quiz, which half a million people have taken, and the Ultimate Roleplaying Quiz. He has also written several computer books, including LAN PARTY: HOSTING THE ULTIMATE FRAG FEST and WICKED COOL PHP TRICKS (due Summer 2006), and used to be the Computer Book buyer for Waldenbooks, distributing the best in technology writing to over a thousand stores.

Oh, yes - and most important of all, he's just started a new Web comic (with artist Veronica Pare) called Home On The Strange, detailing the lives of middle-aged, middle-class nerds and their tragically-single friends. It is vitally important that you visit now, or else the world will come to an end. He's not kidding.

Past Apperances at PenguiCon:

  • NiftyGuest for PenguiCon 6.0 in 2008
  • NiftyGuest for PenguiCon 5.0 in 2007
  • NiftyGuest for PenguiCon 4.0 in 2006
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