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Tux the penguin is the mascot of the Linux operating system. The original penguin mascot was designed by LarryEwing using TheGimp image program, and was incorporated into the official Linux logo by AndreasDilger. Ordinarily he doesn't wear a Starfleet uniform.

When wearing a Starfleet uniform, Starfleet Tux is the symbol of PenguiCon, an OpenSource software and ScienceFiction convention. This choice was inspired by a <a href=“”>Starfleet Tux graphic on the internet</a>. StarfleetTux has always been seen on PenguiCon's website, the mailers, the program books, HowardTayler's wonderful program book cartoons, and the logo for this EncycloPenguicon. The logo is available in every file format, including scalable vector art (<a href=“”>click here to download</a>) that can be printed as large as necessary. That file is in Adobe Illustrator native format. It can also be used for a color style guide with the accompanying text and swatches:

<img src=“”>

In TwoThousandFour, StarfleetTux first visited PenguiCon in the flesh. With his trusty flyswatter, he chased the MicroSoft butterfly into the ballroom where the opening ceremonies were in full swing. He has been an attendee ever since, and likes to participate in tours.

He also shows up at CafePenguicon at other conventions, including ConFusion and ConClave. At ConFusion 2004, the GuestOfHonor, the ScienceFiction author BruceSterling, reported this on <a href=“”>his Wired Magazine blog</a>:

*“Last night I witnessed Tux the Penguin wandering the halls in a costume. Even though Tux was silent (and rather well-behaved for an icon of the open-source movement), I have to say that the sight of Tux, right off his leash and wandering loose, gave me a turn. Especially since Tux's costume was obviously home-fabricated, and had nothing to do with the relentless corporate-logo streamlining of, say, a Mickey Mouse costume.”*

<a href=“”>Here is a link to some photographs of Starfleet Tux</a> attending ConFusion 2004, such as this one:

<img src=“”>

StarTrek is not the only costume Tux dresses in. On membership badges and promotional materials, he has been themed after an author guest of honor every year. In 2003 this is how he appeared in honor of TerryPratchett, image by IAV (someone please edit this wiki page who knows who IAV is):

<img src=“”>

In TwoThousandFour this is how Tux appeared in honor of NeilGaiman, image by IAV:

<img src=“”>

In TwoThousandFive this is how he appeared in honor of CoryDoctorow, image by MattArnold:

<img src=“”>

In TwoThousandSix this is how he appeared on the t-shirt in honor of LooneyLabs, image by MattArnold:

<img src=“” width=“33%”>

In TwoThousandFive we offered a room where crafting enthusiasts held crafting events. One of them was “Cross-Stitch Tux The Penguin.” This image was included on the inside back cover of the program book:

<img src=“”>

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