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NiftyGuest for PenguiCon 2.0 in TwoThousandFour

The author of “Murder for Beltene”, a cross-genre novel once described (by the author, in response to the question, “is cross-genre like cross-dressing?”) as “dressed like a mystery with fantasy lingerie.”

In January of 2003, after a four-year voluntary incarceration in Corporate America as a system administrator and application analyst, she and a friend incorporated as Tech Vantage LLC, a small business IT support firm. Unfortunately, the aforementioned small businesses unanimously want to use ‘that other OS’ and so Sandy’s looking forward to expanding her Linux knowledge at PenguiCon. She is also writing again — on a Beltene sequel. (To the immense relief of her friends.) It appears that Trystan Beltene has been complaining to them over the last several years via email and phone about Sandy’s callous disregard of his not-quite-arrived-or-written hundredth birthday party and has been generally driving them nuts. (You thought Trystan was a fictional character?)

The most memorable person to ever request an autographed copy of MFB was a 6’4” Klingon at MileHiCon. She did ask him to spell his name.

Sandra L. Brewer's schedule for PenguiCon 2.0 in TwoThousandFour:

Fri 11:00 pm *Interlochen* Genre Bending *SandraBrewer, DianeBerger, JeffBeeler* Are genres useful categorizations of real distinctions between book styles, or artificial limitations which make it hard to find the works of your favorite authors? What do you do with an author who won’t stay in one box?

Sat 2:00 pm *Ballroom A/B* Autograph Session

Sun 10:00 am *Keweenaw* Keeping up in Science & Tech *MichaelAndaluz, JeffHemosBates, SteveHarperPiziks, SandraBrewer* So many technical advances, so little time. How can any individual keep up? How do you recognize real science from schlock, and hot trends from dead ends?

Sun 1:00 pm *Theatre* SandraBrewer Reading You’re not familiar with Clan Beltene, Michigan’s premier clan of Druidic-Catholics, dwelling in fictional Brennen County, just north of Marquette? Then come and get acquainted with local author SandraBrewer’s collection of eccentric and humorous characters, as she reads from the pages of “Murder for Beltene” and its in-progress sequel, “Smuggling for Samhain.”

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