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The job of NonComputerGaming Chair (a.k.a. RolyPolyTablehammerShuffleballPope) has the following responsibilities (and commensurate authority):

* I attend ConCom and Programming meetings whenever possible.

* I recommend potential GamingGoHs and NiftyGuests to the ConCom and BoardOfDirectors, and take part in discussions regarding their various strengths and weaknesses as potential guests.

* I assist the GoHWrangler in recruiting GuestLiasons for GamingGoHs.

* I use incentives, bribery and other nefarious means (such as my PapalBullList) to recruit game companies, their demo teams and individual gamers and enthusiasts to have fun facilitating NonComputerGaming with PenguiCon attendees. I generally use the term [GameMaster]ing, and title GameMaster (or GM or Host) for these people, no matter what type of game is being played.

* Once people agree to GameMaster something, I keep track of everything on the NonComputerGaming schedule.

* If someone schedules himself or herself to be a GameMaster for at least three hours of NonComputerGaming, they qualify for my PapalBullList, which I maintain in coordination with PreRegistration. [GameMaster]s on the PapalBullList get to pre-register at the panelist rate.

* If any of the GamingGoHs and/or NiftyGuests want to be involved in NonComputerGaming as well as other programming, I coordinate with the HeadOfProgramming to resolve potential quantum mechanical paradoxes between the NonComputerGaming schedule and anything else on the MasterSchedule, hopefully long before the ProgramBook goes to print.

* I recruit game companies and retailers to place advertisements in the PenguiCon ProgramBook, sometimes (completely at my discretion, but in coordination with the MinisterOfCommunications) in exchange for gaming product (for use as NonComputerGaming event prizes and/or the PenguiCon GameLibrary) in lieu of cash.

* At the convention itself, I have absolute dominion (and commensurate responsibility) over the PenguiCon NonComputerGaming areas at all times. If I were merely the King of NonComputerGaming, PenguiCon attendees in the NonComputerGaming areas would only have to *obey* my NonComputerGamingRules as law. But as Pope, not only must they obey – they must also *believe*!

* I use VolunteerPenguin resources provided by the PenguinWrangler, supplemented by my own hand-selected minions, to help me run the NonComputerGaming areas. Responsibilities for these people include:

  • Security of privately owned games brought into the NonComputerGaming areas and the PenguiCon GameLibrary,
  • Directing PenguiCon attendees to the tables or areas where their NonComputerGaming event(s) of choice are taking place, and
  • Being on-call to sit in at a game when there are some, but not yet a minimum number of players for a given NonComputerGaming event.

* In my absense (generally only during those brief meditative periods when I am at one with my pillow), these, my minions, have absolute dominion (and commensurate responsibility) over the PenguiCon NonComputerGaming areas, and in particular have authority to enforce the NonComputerGamingRules.

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