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Friday May 03 2003, 06 pm Lincoln - Creating a home network and integrating Linux – Taming the 800lb Gorilla - TroyWollenslegel, RichClark

How to create a household network, and how to make diverse machines play well with each other. (Speak to me of Samba, O wise one…)

Friday May 03 2003, 07 pm W. Belle - SPAM, SPAM, SPAMMITY, SPAM… RichClark, ClifFlynt, MarcusWatts

Can it be stopped? Probably not, but there are things you can do. How to avoid getting on the SPAMmers? lists, and how to get off if you've gotten on. How to avoid receiving the SPAM. Tools for minimizing the amount of SPAM. How to identify the SPAMmers? and fight back.

Friday May 03 2003, 07 pm Theatre - Terry Pratchett reads - Terry Pratchett

Saturday May 04 2003, 10 am Burnham - What's LUG Got To Do With It - SteveGutterman, RichClark, PhillipWilliams

Why a Linux User Group can be your best friend. Where else can you turn for dependable information, excellent advice, and extensive experience, and all at no cost? Where do you find one, and how do you get involved?

Nethack! - Friday, April 16, 2004, 15:00 - Manitou - CathyRaymond, RichClark

“In the morning you awake, collect your belongings, and set off for the dungeon. After several days of uneventful travel, you see the ancient ruins that mark the entrance to the Mazes of Menace. It is late at night, so you make camp at the entrance and spend the night sleeping under the open skies. In the morning, you gather your gear, eat what may be your last meal outside, and enter the dungeon...” You have just begun a game of NetHack?. Your goal is to grab as much treasure as you can, retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, and escape the Mazes of Menace alive.

SPAM SPAM SPAM - Friday, April 16, 2004, 17:00 - Manitou - RichClark, RobCmdrTacoMalda, SethBreidbart

Unsolicited Commercial Email, aka Spam affects the entire Internet community. This panel will discuss the problems, and more importantly the solutions to keep your inbox clean.

Saturday, April 22, 2006, 6pm-7pm, Renaissance C2 - Preventing Spyware – RichClark, DanDeSloover

Spyware sucks! But how do you stop it? Our panelists tell you how.
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