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TechGoH for PenguiCon 3.0 in 2005


Nat Torkington loves Perl– he's a Perl programmer. Nat coauthored The Perl Cookbook with Tom Christiansen, and has dreams of writing another (also to be published by O'Reilly and Associates). When not writing (i.e., all the time) Nat edits for The Perl Journal, and helps organize The Perl Conference.

“ I use Unix (FreeBSD). I like emacs, dodge vi, and become visibly aroused by Infocom adventure games. I had a Commodore 64 before everyone was seized by fits of nostalgia for the SID chip.

“I play the banjo, and can fool people for a little while on the guitar and mandolin. My favourite banjo player is Bela Fleck. You think the banjo is only played by redneck hicks and inbred hillbillies who like to teach hog calls to tourists? You need to get out more. While you're out, catch a concert by Tony Furtado or Tony Trischka.

“I enjoy life, which is why I no longer post to the Usenet newsgroup talk.bizarre but do hang out with some of the oldbies (going to Burning Man, for instance). My favourite authors include Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and P.J. O'Rourke. Yes, admitting to liking Terry Pratchett carries the same stigma as being a 14-year-old spotty boy named Nigel with no friends and a silly laugh, but I do not fear your taunts.”

Nat's Events at PenguiCon 3.0 in 2005

-An Introduction to Perl: Why Perl?

-Perl Concepts for the Advanced Programmer.


-A Perl Jam (Musical instrument event)

-Perl: What Is It Good For?

-Obfuscated Perl Contest


-CelebrityFragFest: CANCELED


-Nat Speaks on *The Perl Cookbook*

-Has the Day of the Hobbyist OpenSource Developer Passed?

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