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Freon has been in Michigan fandom for years. He is one of those fans who will work himself mercilessly. Not only does he work hard, Freon does his best to get others to enjoy fandom. He's very very good at that. Freon is one of the people who makes you proud to be a fan… and a friend.

Several years ago, back when ConFusion was in Warren, Freon and friends orchestrated Radio Free ConFusion. That became RadioFreeFandom. RFF could therefore be set up at other cons - and it was. Imagine a radio show during the convention. That's only a small part of RFF. It takes a lot of time and equipment to run a radio show, especially in an environment like a con.

He's been a dueling DJ with BillPutt. Even when he's not officially Ops, somehow Freon's always working in Ops anyway. Fixing a technical issue here, finding something for someone else over there, building marshmallow catapults… I (AnneZanoni) affectionately call Freon a mad scientist. He writes prose and radio plays, does newsletters, fixes computers and cars and houses…

Like most authors, he loathes the telephone, but he loves his Nextel walkie-talkie.

Freon ran a very successful 2005 WritersWorkshop. Formerly it was known as the PenguiCon Writer's Workshops. It has been renamed since its inception. Like RadioFreeFandom, this too can be shared to other conventions. Now “the Writer's Workshop that we at the Sanctuary Press opened at Penguicon 3.0” is the Sanctuary Press Writer's Workshop.

Freon was also instrumental in keeping the final ConTraption alive and kicking. He's the one who pulled people together in 2000-2001. It was worth it.

The working websites for Freon/Michael Andaluz are:

And the MichiganFandom mailing list is intact at

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