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GamingGoH's for Penguicon 4.0 in 2006 AndyLooney, KristinLooney, AlisonLooney

We're excited to announce that the genius game designers, activists, and former NASA programmers from Looney Labs have accepted our invitation to be Gaming Guests of Honor for PenguiCon 4.0!

At every past PenguiCon the fan promoters, or “Mad LabRabbits” as we are called (some of whom are even on the PenguiCon ConCom), have been seen in the NonComputerGaming2006 room teaching the ingenious game designs of this colorful little hippie game company. “Are You A Werewolf?”, published by Looney Labs, is always a popular PenguiCon event. Looney Labs will be out in force at PenguiCon 2006!

Bringing together the creative genius of AndyLooney, the business and marketing savvy of KristinLooney, and the artistic craft of AlisonLooney, Looney Labs games are noted in their industry for being unique and creative. Their games often have educational value without ever feeling like they are trying to teach, and are great fun for everyone in the family - not just those who consider themselves to be gamers. In a culture of competition and victory, this small, fun-loving company offers games that are light-hearted, colorful and accessible to all. Playing a Looney Labs game leave everyone saying, “Let's play again!”

Looney Labs games have won numerous awards (including two Mensa Select awards) and have a loyal fan base, officially known as the Mad Lab Rabbits. The Mad Lab Rabbits are enthusiastic fans, who love to spread the fun of Looney Labs games, doing things as simple as showing them to their friends and family, or as elaborate as organizing large events at conventions and game stores. There are thousands of “Rabbits” across North America and the world. Each summer, the Rabbits gather in Columbus Ohio at “The Big Experiment” as part of the Origins Game Fair, to compete in tournaments and hang out with the Looneys in person. It is this community of friends and fans that have helped make this company what it is today. You can find local Rabbits at

Looney Labs see themselves as a bunch of friendly, progressive, patriotic hippies. As children of the sixties, the Looneys have embraced the positive values espoused by the hippies - including the principles of peace, love, and brotherhood, the importance of ecological responsibility, and a taste for bright colors and tie-dyes. At “That Hippie Game Company,” they also believe that being a hippie means being a non-conformist and deciding for oneself what it means to be a hippie. As patriots, the Looneys passionately defend Free Speech and actively encourage political awareness. They also believe in supporting their community by striving to use only domestically manufactured materials in their games and publications.

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