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Jason Dunstan

Jason Dunstan created Ardra in 2005. Despite several missteps along the way, the comic continues to gain in popularity (due in no small part to the work of his talented artist, Trevor Adams, and webmaster/story editor Fesworks). He created his webcomic out of frustration with the fact that stupid people breed far too often (a fact that one learns quickly when working in retail). A question entered his mind: What if a super-intellectual female scientist decided to have children, and raise them as an ongoing behavioral experiment? And thus, a webcomic was born. Dunstan strives to make Ardra a source of intelligent humor that's at least semi-appropriate for all audiences (“Hot nerdy women” fan-service vote incentives notwithstanding). Dunstan, 34, lives in Indianapolis, IN, with his roommate and two cats. He enjoys reading, cooking, and writing…in particular, writing for his webcomic. He is a huge fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and desperately wants the “Haunting Torgo Theme” as his ringtone. He also wishes he had lots of money and a beautiful and highly intelligent girlfriend, but the Torgo ringtone will probably be far easier to achieve.

Past PenguiCon Apperances:

  • Nifty for PenguiCon 7.0 in 2009
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