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Howard Taylor

He's two guests in one! Howard is both the creator of the WebComic Schlock Mercenary, and a former Product Manager for Novell, where he was responsible for Novell's collaboration product line. He's also spent time with a rock band and a comedy troupe.Howard spent over a decade working for Novell, during which time he did tech support, on-site consulting, technical marketing, and four years of product management. His last efforts at Novell included the successful to push to get GroupWise on Linux, and to embrace OpenSource development for iFolder. He's been cartooning for five years now, and has been doing it full-time since September 2004, giving up his GroupWise fanbase (and Novell paycheck) to pay attention to the tens of thousands of Schlock Mercenary readers world-wide. Considering that he's a ScienceFiction fan, a computer gamer, a writer and an artist, and a Linux guy, Howard fits right in at Penguicon. We just have to stop him from intimidating the other guests. You can read more about Howard at <>

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