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About eMpyre ramireX

It's pronounced Empire Ram mer ex as in a really white pronunciation of Ramirez with an x. I am part Mexican . . and my grandfather's paperboy/peer in gradeschool called him Mr. Martinez as in Martin Ez. The X comes from my days in radio. I used to be a DJ and Station Engineer for WUPX or Radio X 91.5 FM Marquette

Empire as in: The Galactic Empire

Pyre as in: Combustible Material

Capital M as in eBay does it - why couldn't I?

People are often surprised when they meet me in person and then see me on stage or hear me on record. I'm pretty chill in person - but have a decent roar and get very animated on stage. I have loved music of all kinds since a very young age. If I were a Jedi (and maybe I am) music would be the Force to me. I play guitar, bass, drums, synth/keys, turntable scratch, sing and rap (and songwrite with all these instruments) under the name Sample the Martian.

I have a pretty extensive knowledge of music from its creation to marketing and branding to recording and engineering to booking and being crazy.

Penguicon Roles

Penguicon Year Job
Penguicon 2012 2012 [Music Track Head]

External Linkage

Communicate with Me!

  • Txt: 248.345.7467

I kindly looked at Cylitria's page and used her wonderful and open sourced code.

To Do List

  • Get all my panel descriptions tightened up.
  • Get all my info straight for the souvenir book
  • Figure out equipment needs?


  • GOH - InversePhase
  • Piko Piko: Nikola Lazar Whallon
  • Crystal Wolf
  • Vinh Vu
  • Stroller Coaster
  • More to come!

Done List

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