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NiftyGuest for Penguicon 3.0 in 2005

Cathy's day job as a litigation attorney is a clever front for over 20 years of convention-going and other fannish activities, including tons of costuming, LARPing, and a stint on the bid committee for the Millennium Philcon. She was a GoH at Arisia 2004, probably because her husband is “that OpenSource guy” EricRaymond and because of their presentation of the beginning of her career as a non-techie Linux user at Linux World Expo in 2002: “Drag.Net: A Windows-to-Linux Migration Case Study and Vaudeville Routine.” Nowadays, Cathy's hobbies include keeping up with too many email lists and complaining about not having enough time to houseclean. Although she does have a black belt in tae kwon do and is currently studying wing chun kung fu, rumors of her secret ninja status are greatly exaggerated.

Cathy has been a frequent panelist at Penguicon in previous years.

Cathy's Events at Penguicon 3.0 in 2005:

- CopyLeft and Today's Publishing Environment

- Folk Art, Fandom and Copyright

- Masquerade Judging

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