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DJ “Blasted Bill” Putt is did SmallSignage for Penguicon 4.0.

Bill was ConChair of Penguicon 3.0 in TwoThousandFive. For 2.0 in TwoThousandFour he was the DanceDJ and MinisterOfSillyWalks, and he made SmallSignage. He ran the masquerade for Penguicon 1.0 in TwoThousandThree.

Bill's current project is chairing Michigan's new RelaxaCon, ConVersation, which is scheduled for July of 2006.

He also created and chaired DementiaCon in this area, and was once described by Dr. Demento as “a legendary dementia fan.” He is known as DJ Blasted Bill on his internet radio show, The Toad Elevating Moment, playing dementia and other comedy music with his co-hosts JohnMatthews, MattArnold, DavidRozian, BillAlbin and BahbSonOfBob.

Bill started MOFO in 2004.

In all these projects and groups Bill's right hand man is MattArnold.

The following is from the Penguicon 3.0 ProgramBook in TwoThousandFive. Edited to add WikiWords. (edited again to properly refer namespace)

ConChair Report

YAY!! It’s Penguicon time again! Well maybe I should say still! Most of this year, I have devoted my time to working for Penguicon, because I love it, and I want Penguicon to be around for a very long time. Everywhere I look, I see penguins. They are everywhere if you look for them or have them on the brain all the time. I got involved with Penguicon almost right from the start, running the dance and the masquerade for Penguicon TwoThousandThree (when I got there, I was asked to haul all the pop for the ConSuites, and my networking skills were used to get the network running). Last year, I ran the dance, and put up all the signs telling people where to go. Oh, and I was the evil butterfly that StarfleetTux chased away. I was honored by being asked to be this year’s ConChair, and although I knew it would be a huge job, I also knew it would be well worth it. Penguicon means very much to me and I’m happy to spend so much time on it making it good.

In holding with Penguicon’s tradition and ideology, we have many exciting changes and surprises for this year. We have information kiosks running on Linux-based live CD. Some of the changes include moving some of the bigger events to the “Big Top”(aka ballrooms C and D). We also gave Gaming a bigger room and because of that, we now have two more rooms for panels. We’ve expanded the ConSuite. It was much too crowded in just one room last year. We’ve also kept all the things we are known for: the wireless network, the computer room, the InstallFest, CelebrityFragFest (yes it will happen this year), the ChaosToy, and 24 hour anime.

I have a great staff working for me. They have worked tirelessly to put on a great con. If you have never run a function this large, you’d be surprised to learn just how much work goes into it. All of our staff are volunteers who put in their time and energy for the love of the event itself. We have a great, hard working and creative staff, and I can’t thank them enough.

See something you’d like to help with, or think you can run better? We are always looking for more people to help! Stop one of the staff or ConCom members and ask how you can get involved, or if you’re reading this after the con, drop us an email. Volunteering is a great way to meet people.

We had a rough start with getting GuestsOfHonor, and then Wil having to cancel again. He sends his regrets, and was really looking forward to the con. He went to our sister con, LinuCon, and enjoyed it. He has work commitments, and he needs to take care of his career first. Fortunately, this year he was able to tell us of his cancellation sooner, and we were able to get PeterSalus and Rod Roddenberry to fill out our GoH list.

I hope you all have a very wonderful Penguicon, and I hope to see you for many years to come.

-Blasted Bill Putt

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