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Penguicon 1.0

I know I was there but I don't remember doing anything except hanging out with PeteAbrams and Trillian and associated crew.

Penguicon 2.0

I was NeilGaiman's GuestLiaison. This happened surprisingly often that year, so I wrote a how-to page.

Penguicon 3.0

I was CoryDoctorow's GuestLiaison and also played Buffy in the musical. Rennie and Scalzi and I premiered our “Dancing for Geeks” workshop.

Penguicon 4.0

I was the LiaisonWrangler and also Liaison to ChrisDibona. Geoff and Rennie and I produced another “Dancing for Geeks” workshop, this time better attended. I played Buffy again, probably for the last time.

Penguicon 5.0

I am again LiaisonWrangler; if you are interested in being a GuestLiaison for CharlesStross, please contact me. I'm netmouse, at

To find out more about guest liaisoning and other types of convention organizing, check out

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