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Annamarie Dietz (“Anna”) has been involved with fandom since perpetrating the Great Red Dwarf Wedding Hoax of TwoThousandThree (yes, people, the wedding was FAKE), at ConClave with the evil participation of Eoghnved, a/k/a GeraldGentry.

Anna has been attending Michigan conventions as “BadKitty” beginning at ConFusion 2005, and has had a wonderful time doing so. She orders ribbons that say “Bad Kitty” and “Expert Kisser” and the only way to get a Bad Kitty ribbon is to kiss her. The Expert Kisser ribbons are given to those who are particularly gifted at kissing. Due to this, she has found herself to be QUITE popular at conventions!

It seemed only natural for her to volunteer to order the ribbons for PenguiCon, as she will definitely be placing a large order for herself.

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