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Talent Wrangler

The Talent Wrangler is the person who keeps a list of guests, who all their Liasons are, and which past guests and Nifties have confirmed their re-attendance. For Penguicon 2010 the Talent Wrangler is Michele Hedden (Micki). If you would like to be a Guest Liaison, please check out the tasking for the position and contact Micki Hedden

Talen Wrangler Job responsibilities include:

  • Getting a List of all GOHs from Track Heads
  • Finding Liaisons for the GOHs
  • Verifying that Liaisons are in initial contact with their GOHs, as early as possible (more than 4 months before the convention)
  • Filling in as a temporary Liaison while Liaisons are not yet assigned
  • Getting a listing of all Nifties from each Track Head
  • Keeping the Talent Wrangler sections of updated
  • Keeping the Celebrity's section of the Penguicon website updated
  • Being the Liaison for all the Nifties
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