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Storage Facility

SHURGARD OF FARMINGTON HILLS <br> 28600 GRAND RIVER <br> FARMINGTON HILLS MI <br> Store # 23045 <br> 248-473-9303 <br> The location is on Grand River Ave, just north of Eight Mile Road.

3rd floor<br> 5'x5', climatized<br> $49 / month<br> 1/2 price for first 4 months<br> Steven Kroll is person on-site to talk to. (Or Lamar)

Office Hours <br> 9-5:30 m-su<br> Gate Hours<br> 6:00am - 10:15pm 365 days/year


If renting a <a href=“”>POD</a> (Portable On-Demand) ever becomes cost-effective, it would be a fantastic solution that would almost completely eliminate the need for an InventoryWrangler. This is a portable crate the size of a walk-in freezer, built like a railroad boxcar. It would be loaded at the hotel at the end of the convention, driven away by the service, and returned straight to the hotel the next year. During the year it is stacked for storage with other crates, and there is a fee to forklift it down for access.


StorageCube inventory 11/25/05

Listed from bottom to top of each stack.

Stack 1:

– Tub of registration signs/forms etc.

– Tub of lights, extension cords, Polaroid camera

– 8 flats of WaterJoe, 182 bottles 20 oz. each

Stack 2:

– box labeled “Magnum” 2.0 programs

– box labeled “Hammermill” 2.0 programs

– 2 boxes labeled “IBM” 3.0 programs

– monitor

– Macintosh SE

Stack 3:

– 3 boxes of Baen Books

– box of TerryPratchett books

– monitor

Stack 4:

– GameLibrary Palladium RPG Books

– 2 boxes of GameLibrary

– monitor

Stack 5:

– 2 boxes of Linux books

– box of PHP books

– JunkPileWars 2005 winner

Stack 6:

– 2 Air Purifiers model # 823332

– Air Purifier model # 13520

– registration printer

Stack 7:

– 3 white board easels

– InfoKiosks

Stack 8:

– big green bucket of misc.

Stack 9:

– JunkPileWars parts

– OpenCola bucket

Stack 10:

– box with ethernet cables, power cables, games by Dragon, art show forms

– Ops box: 3.0 mailers, charity auction papers, art show forms

– box with 2.0 badges and other registration

– napkins, 3 note books, Ghostbusters yoyo

– lost and found: Panama hat, softcover “Dolphins of Pern”, car visor CD holder, headphone cord

Stack 11:

– styrofoam cups

– ConSuite plasticware

Stack 12:

– 4 coffee pots

– small [Ops] cash box

Stack 13:

– box of stuff for the Smoking ConSuite

– ConSuite paperware

– [Ops] box with lots of paper, pens, burned CDs, Jeopardy buttons

– [Ops] box with paper, pens, tape, novelty hats

Stack 14:

– 2 boxes of comic books

– box of badges and prereg stuff

– Altoids

– spices

– small paper plates</html>

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