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Programming Ops Responsibilities

The Programming Ops person is a part of the programming team on the ConCom who handles the direct operational running of the schedule while at the convention. Programming Ops responsibilities are broken down as follows:

Prior to Convention

  1. Assemble packets of information for GoHs, Nifties, and presenters. The following should be included in each packet:
  • Welcome letter
  • Participant schedule
  • Presenter name tent
  • Presenter / GoH / Nifty ribbon
  • Need to confirm with registration whether the following should be included - badge, program book, souvenir book
  1. Prepare spreadsheets used for counting attendees at each scheduled event.
  2. Drop off packets at Registration on the first day of the convention.

During Convention

  1. Post signs each morning by each conference room with the list of events planned for that location.
  2. Obtain headcount for each panel and record the number of attendees at each event.
  3. Give a signal to those running each event when they have 5 minutes left in their time slot.
  4. Make certain there is water to drink for the panelists during their presentations.
  5. Refer any issues/questions they cannot resolve/answer to Ops.

Following Convention

  1. Update the wiki with the attendee counts for each event, to be used in planning the next year's convention.

2010 Event Attendance Counts

Note: This list is not yet complete. This meessage will be removed once all counts have been added.

Please note the following:

  1. Individual game attendance was not counted. The game track head maintains any individual game event counts
  2. Events requiring sign up were not counted.
  3. The number of people using the game room, making/crafting table, and computer room was obtained periodically throughout the convention. These numbers will be added below the individual event counts.
  4. Attendance at Ecotrack events that appeared to be on a one-on-one basis (e.g., massage) were not tracked.
  5. Attendance at events coordinated by Aegis should be considered directionally accurate only, due to the difficulty in differentiating between Aegis presenters and attendees.

Some other considerations:

  • The time at which the count was obtained is also noted, to either support or refute the supposition that counts were taken too early or too late to be accurate.
  • Feel free to disagree with any count that does not meet with your observations, providing data that support your observations. However, if I made the count myself, no disagreement is allowed unless you first complete a series of 10 quests to prove that the you are right by virtue of the gods keeping you alive through those quests. (Completing the quests supersedes the need to provide supporting data.)

Event/Panel Counts

TitleCount TimeAttendee CountCount TimeAttendee CountCount TimeAttendee CountNotes
19 Action News8:09 PM 23 8:26 PM 23 8:59 PM 29
20,000 Bottles Under the Ground
A Musical Guide to the Future of Linux9:09 PM229:27 PM279:41 PM25
A Reading with Spider Robinson Cancelled
A Very Merry Unbirthday
Adapting a Novel to a Podcast
Aegis: Who Are We?
Aliens: Form and Function
An Introduction to Opera- No, Not the Browser
Anatomy, Aegis Style
Arctos Media
Arduino Arcade: Skeeball Demo/Q&A
Arkham Horror
Arkham Horror
Audience Jam with ESR
Author Reading
Author Reading
Author Reading
Automotive Electronics, Or Why It Costs So $#&##$# Much to Fix Your Car
Basic Swordsmanship Class
Beat The Zerg: Starcraft Tactics
Best/Worst Games of 09/10 & Most Anticipated Games of 10/118:09 PM 158:41 PM 15
Best/Worst Games of 09/10 & Most Anticipated Games of 10/119:10 PM 119:43 PM 11
Bill Roper
Birds of a Feather4/30 6:45 PM 6
Birds of a Feather
Black Sweater Party Registration
Black Sweater Party
Blowing in the Wind
Building Your Own NAS!
Carrie Dahlby
Chakra Healing for Beginners
Character Deaths and the Fans Who Love Them
Character-Driven Storytelling
Chez Cthulhu
Chocolate Ritual8:11 PM 32 8:40 PM 35
Closing Ceremonies
Closing Jam
Come Learn!10:052710:4028 Aegis Consulting
Concept of Drag, Tales of Kings and Queens
Conjure up a Costume
Conversation with Mary A. Turzillo
Crafting a Craft Career
Creating Text Adventures With The Inform System
Cupcake Car/Electric Car
Dawn & Greg Naked Comedy Show - More Nakedier
Dementia DIY/FuMP Sideshow
Deus ex Machina: Creating Life in Silicon
Devo Spice9:06 PM269:23 PM299:39 PM36
Digital Storytelling: a Means of Expression for the Everyman
Dominion Tournament
Don't Be Evil: The Google Books Settlement
Drag Shop Work Shop
Drum Circle
Drum Circle
Dual Core
Dueling through History
Einstein and Heinlein: Time Travel in Science and Science Fiction
Energy Technologies and the Power Grid
Environmental Myths and Answers about Infrastructure.
Eureka Seven
Exploring Mars
Fan Subs and Encoding
Fate/Stay Night
Feedback Session
Finance for Freelancers
FIRST Robotics Demonstration
Flash for Webcomics
Flashlight Hacking: Better, Brighter, Cheaper
Flirting for Geeks10:064410:224710:4251
Flying Things!
Frank Hayes
From Microcontroller to Maestro: Music on the Arduino
Games Library
Games Library
Games Library
Geeks with Guns Muster
Getting Back to the Drawing Board
Getting Hired: Insider Tips on Resume Writing, Interviewing and More
Gimp Race!
Golden Boy
Good GM Skills
Hacking Things Back Together: Sugru
How Free Does Speech Want To Be, Exactly?7:15 PM 18
How to Con without the Creepy6:17 PM 19
How to Do Realistic Halftones and Designs
How to Make Shisha Mirrors
How to Write Humor
Humor in Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Illuminated Economics
In Defense of Mary Sue
Individual Worldbuilding vs. Shared Worldbuilding
Initial D
Insane Ian
Installing Software8:03 PM 16 8:20 PM 16 8:45 PM 16
Intro to Computer Game Development
Intro to Masquerade
Intro to RegEx
Introduction to Belly Dance Workshop7:50 PM 8
Introduction to SQLite7:03 PM 11 7:15 PM 18 7:35 PM 17
Introduction to Swing Dancing
Is That a Floppy or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
Its a Drag…Show
Jenny Everywhere
Juggling Workshop
Junkpile Wars
Killer Bunnies
Last Night on Earth
Learn Na'vi
Learn to be a Hero: DOTA
Learning Not to Relate: an Introduction to “Non-Relational” Database Technologies
Lightning Talks
Lightning Talks
Linux Command Line Tricks
Linux Distro Cage Match
Linux Troubleshooting 1: Localhost8:06 PM 35 8:23 PM 42 8:46 PM44
Linux Troubleshooting 2: Network
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream4/30, 8:13 PM 35
Liquor Tasting5:37 PM 26
LN2 with Howard Taylor
LN2 with Joe Brockmeier
Lojban Roundtable
Lojban, the Logical Language
Love Hina
Machine to Machine Communication Using GSM10:08 PM1710:42 PM21
Making a Living as an Artist
Maria Watches Over Us
Mark Bernstein's Voice Training
Martial Arts vs. Combat
Masquerade Muster
Mass Autograph Session
Max De Groot7:05 PM 17
Mayhem Time9:05 PM32 9:39 PM27 Aegis Consulting
Meet the Penguicon Board
Meet Your Editors: a Linux Journal Panel
Merry Miskatonic
Methods of Life-Hacking
More Science in the Movies
Munchkin Cthulhu
Munchkin Quest
Mutillidae9:12 PM23 9:28 PM 24 9:44 PM 27
Mystery Spatula Theater 11: Mission to Mars
Nanotechnology: The Road to HAL Is Paved with Good Inventions
Native American Culture
Natural Spa Treatments
Necessity Is the Mother of Invention
Nerds in Media
Ninja Burger
NOBODY Understands Quantum Physics
Non-Obvious Reflections of Contemporary Culture in Science Fiction
Open Cola
Open Filk
Open Filk
Open Source 3D Printer Demo
Open Source Flash Game Engines
Open Source Gaming
Open Source Laser Lunchbox
Open Source on Microsoft
Open Source Social Media
Opening Ceremonies7:22 PM 94
Opening Jam
Oxling's Alcoholic Chocolates
Paint 'n Take
Paint 'n Take
Paint 'n Take
Pair Programming: A Geek's Guide to Relationship Success
Pat Down!8:06 PM 33 8:43 PM 35 Aegis Consulting
Pathfinder Society Scenario #13: The Prince of Augustana
Pathfinder Society Scenario #5: Mists of Mwangi
Pathfinder Society Scenario #7: Among the Living
Pathfinder Society Scenario #8: Slave Pits of Absalom
Penguicon TV: How the Soup is Made
Penguicon Year Round!
Penguicon's Network and How To Make It Not Suck
Peter Alway
Polyamory Meetup
Polyamory Roundtable10:104510:264810:4846
Positive Attitude
Post-Scarcity Futures
Power Salad
Prequels: The Fandom Menace
Principles Of Self Defense
Publicity 101
Publishing Your Webcomic6:20 PM 4 6:40 PM 4
Puppetry 101
Quick Costuming Presenter did not arrive
Real-life Superheroes: Costuming and Public Image
Real-life Superheroes: Legal and Philosophical Issues
Real-Life Superheroes: Training, Safety, and Self-Defense
Ren'Py: A Visual Novel Engine
Riding Penguins Through a World Full of Glass and Fruit6:19 PM 21 6:45 PM 24
Robot Races: Critter Chase
Robot Wars: Critter Crunch
Robot Wars/Race Build Session: FRIDAY6:09 PM 3 6:40 PM 5
Robot Wars/Race Build Session: FRIDAY7:05 PM 4 7:22 PM 5 7:42 PM 5
Robot Wars/Race Build Session: SATURDAY
Rock Band Rockoff
Running a Creative Business
Scaling from Zero to Twenty Five Million Page Views – in 6 Weeks
School Days 2100: a Transhuman Space Adventure
School Days 2100: A Transhuman Space Adventure
Science Fiction and Creative Compromise in American Television
Science Foresight: Can SF Truly Predict Where Science is Headed?
Scrapped Princess
Screen Printing For Dummies
Seeding The Clouds
Serpents Upon My Dirigible
Sex Parts 101 - Boys Have a Penis, Girls Have a Vagina
Shakugan No Shana7:09 PM 0 7:26 PM 2 7:50 PM 3 Film delayed from 6:00 PM start to “7:30 PM or so”
Short Story Markets
Simple is Good
Smart Grid – Hacker Paradise?
Smithee 19: The Smithee Awards8:09 PM288:41 PM41
Smithee 19: The Smithee Awards9:06 PM459:40 PM47
Smithee 19: The Smithee Awards10:07 PM3010:40 PM35
Soggy Potato Chips
Spice it Up
SSL Demystified7:15 PM 31
Stealth and Balance
Stone Crazy Pirates
Straight Edge Eco
Swag Swap
The Cruelest Cut
The Death and Life of Journalism vs. The Blog
The Emergence of the Female Superhero
The End Is Only the Beginning… of the Work
The FuMP-For-All
The Great Luke Ski
The Intersection of Puppetry and Science Fiction
The MMO Conversation
The New Michigan Business Model – How to Make Money from What You Know
The Power Couple - A(A) ≠ A2
The Science Fiction of Cosmetics
The Webcomic Beacon Live10:09 PM15 10:43 PM 16
The World of Online Comics: How Things Have Changed in the Last Decade9:11 PM 30 9:29 PM 31 9:42 PM 27
There's An Apt For That
Tom Smith
Trust Me; It's More Chemistry…with Professor X
Ubuntu Q+A
Understanding Cognitive Work as a Human Factors Engineer
Unspeakable Words
Vampire: The Requiem
Vampires vs. Zombies
WAGON Tournament Event Canceled due to GM illness
Wanna Fluxx? Attendance not counted
We Made It to the Oscars!
Webcomics 10110:10 PM610:26 PM610:46 PM6
Webcomics Meet and Greet
Wellness Station: Chakra Balancing with Sparrow
Wellness Station: Massage with Josie Villegas
Wellness Station: Massage with Kim Conniff
Wellness Station: Reiki with Jon Pickell
What Makes a Golden Age?
What the Hack? Hacker Spaces in Detroit and Beyond
What the Internet is Doing to IP Law6:06 PM 35 6:37 PM 44
What's Up With Steampunk?
Whatever Popped Into Our Heads9:10 PM 23 9:30 PM 23 9:43 PM 27
When They Cry (Higurashi No Naku Koroni)9:16 PM99:50 PM9 Door closed by 10:13 PM check
Whose Con is It Anyway?6:36 PM 18
Will ePub Swallow Publishing Whole?
Witchcraft- Year One
Work Smarter, Not Harder: Tools that Will Make a Sysadmin's Life Easier
World Building
Worm Quartet10:10 PM3810:24 PM 3510:24 PM34
Worms Eat My Garbage: Apartment-Friendly Composting
Writing for DIY Blogs and Publications
Writing Games in Tcl/Tk
Writing Groups: How to Start and Keep One Running5:20 PM 12
Writing Professionally in Open Source Software
Writing the Other
You DO Have Skills… How to Contribute to Open Source, Even If You Don't Think You Can10:07PM2810:2327
Your Fantasy Is In My Sci-Fi!
Your Webcomic Sucks8:05 PM 11 8:21 PM 23 8:46 PM 23
Ypsilanti Ann Arbor Robotics Club

Game Room Utilization Counts

DateCount TimeAttendee Count
April 30, 201010:08 PM36
10:25 PM28
10:43 PM27

Computer Room Utilization Counts

DateCount TimeAttendee Count
April 30, 201010:10 PM13
10:45 PM15
9:11 PM10
9:45 PM5

Making/Crafting Area Counts

DateCount TimeAttendee Count
April 30, 201010:08 PM0
10:43 PM2
9:11 PM3
9:45 PM3

Sample Count Sheet for 2010


  1. Go to each room listed and count the number of people currently in attendance using the counter. Note on the sheet the time at which the count was performed.
  2. If sufficient time remains before the end of the event, perform a second count in the same manner as the first.
  3. Events that span more than 1 hour should be counted a minimum of once per hour.
  4. Where noted, provide presenters notice when they have 10 or 5 minutes remaining in their presentation. Make a check to note which presenters have been notified
  5. In between presentations, visit the conference room and confirm that there is water available for the next presenter. Note on the checklist rooms where water has been checked. Notify __ if there is not sufficient water for the next presentation.

April 30, 2010

RoomTitleStart TimeEnd TimeCount Time# AttendedCount Time# AttendedCount Time# AttendedPresenter Notified?Water Confirmed for Next Presenter?
Film RoomEureka Seven3:00 PM 4:30 PMN/A
Ballroom HVampires vs. Zombies4:00 PM4:50 PM
Dennison II/III/IVNinja Burger4:00 PM5:50 PMN/A
Niles I/IIOpening Jam4:00 PM4:50PM
Computer Area4:00 PM5:00 PMN/A
Ballroom ABCDSeeding the Clouds5:00 PM5:50 PM

Past Headcounts

Penguicon 7.0 (2009)

To Do

  1. Add templates for welcome letters, name tents, participant schedules
  2. Fill in blanks in instructions for replenishing water
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